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Q Episode


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I seem to recall an episode in which Q, his Q wife and a Q infant child are aboard the Enterprise and the Q child is playing with a ball that could have been an actual planet.

Did I deam this or is there really is such an episode?

Thanks in advance.




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it wouldn't have been on the Enterprise since Q having a child was a VOYAGER storyline. What you're talking about is something out of one of the books I believe

Rogers Amanda

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That's from the first book of the Q continuum triligy Q zone. It's kind of funny you know that happens to me sometimes I guest scenes from books confused with episodes too. It's interesting how your brian generates the images of what you're reading and if the author is any good they'll be as vivid as if you were watching an episode, and then years later I guess your long term memory can't distiguish read content from watch content since you could see the imagery of both in your minds eye sort of speak.

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