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What is Your Favorite Starship Class

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Created by: Blocklover226


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My favorite has to be Galaxy, NX, or Sovereign.


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Constellation Class (ToS but refit version), followed by Excelsior Class (Enterprise B).


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I dig the look of the Intrepid Class, but the B-Class (D'deridex Class) Romulan Warbird is my all time favorite ship.

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I voted for the galaxy class, Enterprise-D. I watched so many of those episodes that I felt like I knew that ship. I like Voyager too


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I voted for NX, I like the Intrepid but I feel that the NX felt more like a hardy exploration ship with its rough inside and metal bars like a submarine. The other ships are so light and warm, carpets, fully automatic doors, replicators and holodecks in the latter ones, they feel more like luxury cruisers than hardy exploration ships.

However if I had to choose any ship in ST to be my favourite it would be the Prometheus class, the shape, the look and how it splits apart makes it truly unique in the world of trek.

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mmmm, probably the refit constitution class is my first choice, but i like the galaxy class from TNG too.

lol, who wrote the polling votes, constellation class? I assume it was supposed to be constitution class. 


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My favorite starship classs--for purely artistic reasons--is the Oberth-class ship.  Even after all these years, it still enthralls me!  Unfortunately, it is not a very practical ship.

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Wells Class

Fleet Admiral Braxton

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 I've Always Loved The Drednaughts; Untill ThAt Time, EXCELSIOR Was A BADASS Ship!


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Kirk's Enterprise was a Constitution class, not Constellation.

NX-class is my favorite by far. I think it's the most practical and realistic design.

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My Favorite "May have Flaws, But it Has Teeth." 

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Miranda class (Reliant)       BT

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