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Question about Odo


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Conservation of mass is already a rule with exceptions in our world: nuclear reactions.  We don't know any nuclear reactions that could easily be carried out in an ordinary room, but by star trek's time there are even more exceptions to our physics.



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I read an interview with one of the writers once that said the changlings were supposed to store their extra mass in some pocket of "subspace" that I guess they could open up. That doesn't lend any real world legitamacy to the idea though since subspace itself is an invented for Trek idea. It does demonstrate that the laws of physics in Star Trek are not the same as real world laws of physics. Which you probably already know from watching the show. Case in point: warp speed. 

I don't know of any explanation of how they get energy. I always thought Odo must be basically photosynthetic and maybe also eats bacteria and organic particles off surfaces as he moves, like a slime mold. As for the mass question living things do change mass all the time. To become something small couldn't he just burn a lot of calories? He would have to be able to undergo normal biological reactions a lot faster than they actually happen, but I think that requires much less suspension of disbelief than a lot of Star Trek. 

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Yah this the first time I just have no comment on Odo.

"I don't believe in luck, but I appreciate the sentiment." - Odo

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