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Man Of Steel-Spoilers!


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First of all, let me say. I'm a fan of David Goyer's work as a screenwriter/story crafter. I think what he did with Batman Begins was just brilliant! I also believe that many filmmakers try to craft blockbusters based on existing models. I believed this was done with some recent reboots including Star Trek, X-men, and now, the Superman franchise in Man of Steel. I'm just throwing this out there, but I thought there were alot of similarities between Man of Steel (2013) and the Star Trek reboot, Star Trek (2009). I also don't believe this is accidental. Now, obviously, if Abrams was successful in rebooting Star Trek, it makes sense to think his film could become a model for other attempted reboots. Here are some similarities I noticed. They were just too obvious to ignore.

1. Both films show the birth of the hero, why this is necessary is beyond me.

2. Both films establish hero as bullied as a child.

3. Major villian kills Major Protagonist's father, and Major Protagonist avenges Father's death at the end of the film.

4. Use of lens flares

5. Use of flashbacks to tell essential parts of the backstory

6. Villain spends alot of time plotting revenge, while hero grows up to an adult.

7. Villain uses drill-like apparatus to affect the core of the target planet

8. Black hole is created to kill the villain

9. Villain asks hero to surrender himself. In Star Trek, Nero asks Captains Pike and Robau to surrender themselves, not Kirk or Spock, minor difference.

10. Villain commits or attempts to commit planet-wide genocide, apparently the hallmark of a villain these days.

11. Hero can't tolerate insults to mother, in Star Trek its Spock, not Kirk's whose mom is insulted, but both Kirk and Spock are the heroes in the film

12. Hero grows up fatherless, this affects his journey, as he is a lost soul for awhile before discovery his destiny.

13. Heavy use of Fx-lots of destruction, explosions-yes, this is almost every action movie nowadays.

If you can think of any others, include them below.




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I was just about to post a thread on this very subject. Hmph.

The only similarity that's really notable, to me, is imploding the villain's ship with a black hole. The others are much looser associations.

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