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I have started a website called Save Star Trek (from Abrams)
If any of you are interested and are seriously interested in saving the Star Trek franchise and getting it back on track please join and let your voices be heard. We have just started up and have many plans in the works!


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I think that the new ST movies are good. I relly don't like that they changed the timeline though. JJ Abrahms brought ST into the twenty-first century. I enjoy the new films, as long as I don't think of them as the ST I originally knew and came to love. 


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I don't feel that it needs to be saved, then or now. The movies are but one interpretation. People can like them, or not. It's entirely up to them. Good luck with your movement, I suppose. I don't think it has much chance of success, I'm sorry to say. One thing I will say is that the success of the Abrams films does make a better possibility of a new series than there would have been only after the cancellation of Enterprise. When you take on a new interpretation of something, there are bound to be those who won't like it.

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Shame on me that I could have been more diplomatic and succinct with my initial post. I was under the impression I was on a site where Trekkies knew about Trek. Since I have explained exactly why I am "unhappy", I noticed that the opposition and the need to thrust opinions has fallen silent. Again let me state that it is NOT my intention to cause a debate. I state facts. Fact is that the people currently responsible for Trek care nothing of its legacy. I care about this franchise deeply. I wouldn't be here having to deal the likes of Crelmoset, when he states, "You know that you really don't need to explain your feelings.We've already heard all  the pointless complaints ad nauseum for more than 4 years".  Get a thrill putting down others opinions, try to put down my facts. Or the likes of Catholic Fan, whom enbodies the essence of hypocrisy in becoming challenging without understanding, yet feels the need to not only tell me I am wrong, resorts to Jungian insights in questioning my motivation and Fruedian in my emotional  stability. This is what the fandom has become. SHAME! The bottom line is that the future and fate of this franchise is at stake. It is NOT about my opinion of the films, it is about what is happening behind the scenes. Pay attention people. This franchise is in peril.


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Tokyo Invasion? 


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Quote: Section31Captain @ Jun. 16 2013, 4:32 pm

>Think back to the days when fans wrote in to save TOS for a third season. How about when they convinced President Ford to change the name of the very first space shuttle to Enterprise.

When there was only ONE kind of STAR TREK,
it was relatively easy to get the fanbase to
agree on something. And mostly what they were
in agreement on was that they didn't want the
show to go off the air. And Shatner played Kirk
until he was a senior citizen, that's most of his
adult life. TOS had its shot and it had a good run.

There is nothing to feel bad about or concerned with,
as far as J.J. Abrams new direction for STAR TREK. I'm
much more worried about the DIRECTOR'S CUTS taking over
Now, THAT cause I will HAPPILY take up, with exhuberance!

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