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Who did the worst acting job as captain?

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Created by: Blocklover226


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Sisko win hands down. It's not even close.

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I loved Sisko, but I can't say much about his acting. So he gets my vote.


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I thought that Kirk was the worst but you must consider the time that he was the star. Back then, none of the acting was really good. He was good in the context of that time but this is the 21st century. So I believe that for the time frame that everyone was in and the plot, Picard was the best. He always will be but Janeway was the worst.



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I think that Kate Mulgrew did her best with the lines she was given. I think that they all did their best with their lines. I think that Brooks' acting was not very good but that's just my opinion. Maybe his skills were just perfect for a different role, kind of the same way that Robin Williams seems to excel in specific roles and not others. Or maybe Williams is a bad example, but you know.

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Captain Sisko was the worst actor I guess, but DS9 is my favorite Star Trek show.


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Captain Picard is the best Star Trek actor ever in my opinion. Not just the best out of the captains


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Brooks was the worst & then Shatner.  The other 3 are good.  As for anyone that doesn't like Mulgrew's acting, be glad we didn't get stuck with:


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Picard was the best actor in the ST universe? Nope, not in my book. But the 2 best were not captains save for now and then (Nimoy & Blalock were the best!!) Of the captians Shatner had the most daunting task, he was the first & ultimately TOS rose or fell because of him. Bakula had the second most challenging assignment because of the length of time the other ST shows (except for TOS) ran. I think all the actors did well with what they had to work with from the writers and their peers. In a way, Shatner had the greatest help of all the captians becasue he worked with Nimoy. Their scene in "The city on the edge of forever" when the cop stops them because they stole some clothes is great & both actors do an excellent job. Also, Shatner had the best trifecta (Kirk/Spock/McCoy).

Blalock & Nimoy were the best two actors in the Star Trek universe. Go Vulcans!

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