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I think a series should be an adventure farther in the future than any other. I think the goal of the crew's mission should be to explore different quadrents, instead of the galaxy. I have an idea for a two parter or even three parter series. A starship goes missing and the crew of the Discovery (just an idea for the ship name) make it thier mission to find it. Leave feedback please, thanks!


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Whatever it is, I hope it involves exploration. Here's an idea I had a while back:


The Alpha and Beta Quadrants were conquered by an extragalactic race (calling them "oppressors" for now) in the mid 2400s. This series would take place in the late 27th century, twenty years after the subjugaged races have managed to overthrow the Oppressors. With its borders relatively secure for now, the New Federation Starfleet is beginning to return to its original mission of exploration, with our protagonists -- a mixture of idealistic explorers and combat-hardened veterans -- crewing the first science vessel commissioned in almost two hundred years: the new U.S.S. Enterprise. While reminiscent of the classic Enterprises, this ship would be tougher and more heavily armed. The new Enterprise's registry reuses NCC-1701 (no bloody A, B, C, or D!)

New factions rise and fall in the galaxy every day. Some are peaceful towards the New Federation, others are not. The Enterprise would encounter both familiar and unknown faces as it ventures into unexplored space. And there are still pockets of Oppressors sneaking around, eager to make the New Federation pay for defeating them.

I think it's a fairly solid idea - post-apocalyptic enough to be mainstream, but optimistic enough to work for diehard Trekkies. And since it's three hundred years after the end of Voyager, there's plenty of room for the writers to develop the new time period with minimal canon contradictions.

(This should go in General Discussion, by the way.)

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L.A. x 2 I wish I had the money to produce that, it would be awsome!!

Blalock & Nimoy were the best two actors in the Star Trek universe. Go Vulcans!

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