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Anyone watching Scyfy's Continuum?


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Report this Jun. 15 2013, 6:26 pm

Although according to ratings numbers the two most popular science fiction shows currently on television are Speilberg's Falling Skies, and Abrams' Revolution, my current fav is Scyfy's Continuum, followed by Defiance. Continuum stars Rachel Nichols (Galia in Star Trek (2009)) as a time traveling cop attempting to stop a group of time traveling terrorist/revolutionaries called Liber8 from making changes in the timeline that will effect the future she knows. She travels back in time from 2077 to our present to stop them. The second season just started last week, but this is one show that you can't just start watching second season, you have to go back and watch the first season to understand what's happening. Awesome show! Lots of plot twists, and amazing visual affects. It presents one of the more likely scenarios about what the future might look like, a future where corporations rule the world!

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