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Who was VOYAGER's best villain?

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Created by: chator56


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I did not even think of individual villians when considering this question. On that point, I would also say Seska who managed to cause problems for the crew even after she had died. I also think that the Hirogans caused Voyager the most problems overall but I still think species8472 was the most scariest and I wish we would have seen them more often and I wish that the Voyager writers had not befriended them with Voyager  so fast in a later episode. That was a huge disappointment!! I had enjoyed being "scared" by that species.Another scary species not included in the list are the Viddians (I and my Star Trek friends called them the Phage people).


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In regards to 8472, I understand why they couldn't use them more, the CG was very expensive. But within the episode, they left a window open for future encounters with them. The "boothby" one said that he wasn't sure his superiors would go for peace with humans.

In my own world in my head the 11th Star Trek movie was about an attack by 8472 on the Federation


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If we're talking about recurring species or groups, none of them really caught my attention.  I preferred the Voyager episodes that dealt with a one-time antagonist or problem.  I think the original series Klingons, the Suliban from Enterprise and the Cardassians in Deep Space Nine (what I've seen of them so far) are all more interesting than any of the recurring Voyager antagonist groups.

If we're talking about individual antagonists from individual episodes, on the other hand, Voyager had some of the most memorable, with Annorax at the top of the list.  Another cool one was Kashyk, the inspector in "Counterpoint" (not to be confused with a Wookie planet in a galaxy far, far away).

If we're talking about individual antagonists in a recurring role, the Borg Queen was an interesting one.  I have my problems with the whole idea of the Borg collective having a queen, but in the Voyager series, she was a good personal foil for Janeway.  "How are things in the Collective?"  "Perfect."

Falor was a prosperous merchant who went on a journey to gain greater awareness: Through storms he crossed the Voroth Sea/ To reach the clouded shores of Raal/ Where old T’Para offered truth./ He traveled through the windswept hills/ And crossed the barren Fire Plains/ To find the silent monks of Kir./ Still unfulfilled, he journeyed home/ Told stories of the lessons learned/ And gained true wisdom by the giving. – Falor’s Journey, “Innocence”


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We are the Borg.



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Quote: KelisThePoet @ Jul. 23 2013, 9:44 pm


>Another cool one was Kashyk, the inspector in "Counterpoint" (not to be confused with a Wookie planet in a galaxy far, far away).



Kashyk was the most interesting to me.  Just saw that episode and despite the plot holes, there is some cool interaction there.


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I would have liked to have seen another episode with the female caretaker. I was dissapointed they didn't bring the character back. They the writers and producers probably didn't want voyager to have an easy way back home.


Although i voted for species 8472




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What are "The Writers of Voyager", Alex ?


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The Hirogen using the holosuites.

Dominating the Star Trek Universe from little, old (young) New Zealand

Captain Plunjer

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hmmmmm ...  even with there countless dealings with the borg ....the borg will always be linked with me to TNG .. Species 8472 was the scariest villian (at least until they made peace with them) .... hirogen were very good too .....

Id like to add the Crenim .... although just 2 episodes (the year of hell 1 and 2) .. man they kicked the sh*t outta voyager! ... classic 2 parter!

Captain Plunjer

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i posted this above before i actually read the responses.. i cant believe the crenim was already brought up! .. thats what i love about trek fans.. they know there stuff!


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Seska was cool (especially after she died), as were the Vidiians (very creepy), but I too voted Borg.  The Queen inconsitency started with "First Contact", but Voyager's use of her (and both actresses playing her) were pretty good all around... even if there are temporal inconsistencies and related nitpicks...


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I chose the Borg.


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I would say the Hirogen, because they are very much like klingons in the TOS shows and movies. Like the Klingons, the Hirogen are as dedicated to their hunting as klingons were to honor and doing battle with anyone that offers them a glorious battle. Just like the Klingons, the Hirogen would even turn on their allies if it met their purpose.



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Culluh was the best villain. Seska was a great villain too.


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i picked borg becuase i loved the episodes where janeway practically slaps the borg quen in the face

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