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Is Nero really gone?


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First off we know that Red Matter causes wormholes to appear and then vanish. If the 'blackhole' that Spock created to engulf the sun of Romulus had in fact been a real blackhole it would still be around after it had consumed the sun. But since the blackhole collapsed it is not a blackhole but a wormhole.

At end of Trek I we see the Narada in two places at one time. The forward part of the ship is present in the new timeline of Trek with the aft section appearing on the other side of the wormhole.

If a blackhole had been created that had consumed the Narada then both sections would have been consumed at the same time. But since only the bow of the ship was consumed with Nero safe in the command section it is possible that because of the Borg Techonlogy that was part of the ship Nero could have created an anti-warp bubble around his section similar to how the Borg countered the effects of Starfleet creating a warp bubble around their cubes that slowly collapsed and crushed their ships.

The real question is where did the wormhole open up to where the aft section of the Narada is shown occupying? Possibly some remote part of the Universe? Possibly even another timeline where Nero might try to attempt the same attack that he did in Trek I.

Should be interesting never-the-less in the future if Nero did escape via a pod or Borg Technology.


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It's hard to say. Starting all the way back with TOS time travel and alternate dimensions and whatnot have been a wildly tangled mess.

So it goes like this:

Q: Is Nero really gone?

A. He's totally gone until some writer gets bored and technobabbles him back into existence.

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I could certainly see Nero coming back.  Wherever the backend of the Narada was, I could see Nero escaping through there.  He doesn't really seem like the kind of villain to resign himself to his fate.  Now, the Narada was certainly destroyed, if not by Spock Prime's ship or the red matter explosion, then certainly by the warp cores that exploded in its vicinity.  

The problem becomes, though, would Nero ever be able to find his way back to that particular universe.  In all likelihood, the black hole opened a portal to a random point in the timeline, and any effect on that universe he had would just create another alternate timeline.


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Wormhole or no, it still had enough gravity to implode a planet within minutes. No way Nero could have survived that kind of destructive force.

Besides, the look on his face as the Narada was collapsing was not that of a man trying to flee.

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