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only 12 episodes of season 1 of voyager?


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Where are the rest? For an official star trek site this site is severely lacking in the quantity and quality one would expect from an official star trek source.


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There are only 12 episodes in season 1, it was a short season. You can also access all of the episoes at Netflix


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The first season of Star Trek Voyager did not start in the fall of its 1st year.  It started about halfway through, I think in January or so. Therefore, Voyager's first season is very short.  For some reason the networks sometimes wait until January or later to start some of their new series and those series finish in May or so just like the rest. Don't ask me why. But I do know that Voyager had a late start in it's first year.


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The UPN network did not launch until January 16, 1995. Voyager's premiere was the very first broadcast on UPN.


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Yah the first season was short and I think there were a few more than 12 episodes but there werent more than 16.


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Only 3 episodes are missing from season 1. There's actually a few missing from each season. You can get the list here.


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Yeah there's actually only 15 episodes in Season 1 of Voyager. And I don't know how many people know this, but there were extra season 1 episodes that got filmed but they were never used in season 1. Most of the opening Season 2 episodes are actually season 1 episodes. The 37's, Elogium, Projections, and Twisted are all episodes that would have been aired as season 1 episodes but they ran out of time and wanted to keep Voyager in sync with DS9's 3rd season.

The 37's wound up being the season 2 premier, but it was actually supposed to be the 1st season finale. There's more evidence to support this. With TNG onwards, the stardates got more structured. Every episode of TNG Season 1 the stardate always began with 41, and in season 2 it was 42 and so on up. DS9 season 1 is always 46, because it started during TNG Season 6. By the time Voyager begins, the stardate is at 48. So you'll notice that the stardates fluctuate in the beginning of Season 2 of Voyager between 48 and 49. Also you'll notice, that in Season 4 of DS9, which takes place at the same time as Voyager season 2, the phasers and tricorders change. They change in Voyager too, which makes little sense as they have no way of getting new equipment from starfleet, nevertheless, you'll see in early season 2 of Voyager, the phasers and tricorders will change back and forth, right along with the stardates, until you're through those 4 episodes that are season 2 but really season 1 episodes.


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DS9 has a 1st season that's shorter than the other seasons too.


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Quote: UninvitedGuest @ Aug. 05 2013, 11:18 am


>DS9 has a 1st season that's shorter than the other seasons too.


Yeah, the episode entitled Progress is missing.

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