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Using an EM field to propel a ship through space


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We know that when two like charged EM fields come into contact they repel each other.

We also know that there are particles that are paramagnetic meaning that they are only magnetic when an externally applied magnetic field is applied to them.

First the engine would release a large amount of paramagnetic particles behind it that when the EM field of the engine is turned on the particles are forced in the opposite direction away from engine. One these particles encounter a planetary EM field they would become magnetic just like they are when engine EM field interacts with them. What we have is an invisible field between the ships engine and the planets EM field. The faster that the engine EM field ejects paramagnetic particles the faster that the planetary EM field would push back against the paramagnetic particles which would basically push against the EM field that the ships engine was producing that would propel the ship forward.

The only problem is the paramagentic field. How would be keep it so that it remained the opposit EM charge when in the presence of both the EM Field of the ships engine and the planetary EM field?


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Could these particles could be propelled or circulated within a magnetic field that would attract them in the front of the ship (like a Broussard collector) and expel them through the rear/exhaust nozzles?

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Oustanding question Miklamar.


Given the properties of paramagentic particle becomes electromagnetically charged with magnetic potential I would have to say yes.

Once the particle becomes magnetized by being pulled in through the maul of the collector they could be excelerated through a series of magnetic induction rings or phases where the particles velocity increases in each stage.

As we know when particles are excelerated they create pressure pressure then creates an exhaust velocity when stored within a container device and a valve opened. Similar to how the gas in a welding bottle is under pressure and escape when the valve is cracked open. The sudden release of gas pressure does in fact create an exhaust force.

What would be really interesting is if the particles in space that have such properties have the EM Field Charge exerted on them is if the particle would bond with other particles in space such as helium and hydrogen which makes up a large volume of our Universe.

Here is an interesting article relating to the paramagentic perpendicular bonding of He2 molecules near a White Dwarf.

Diamagnetic atoms have only paired electrons, whereas paramagnetic atoms, which can be made magnetic, have at least one unpaired electron.

Basically if a field could be created that where the unpaired electron of the paramagnetic atom is able to bond with the Diamagnetic atom by making the DA electron jump to a higher orbital thus making the atom have at least one paired electron on the oribtal that is magnetically bondable thus making the Diamagnetic Atom a Paramagentic Atom where the magentic field would pull the atom into the maul of the collector and then revert the converted paramagnetic particle back into a Diamagnetic Atom by making the paired electrons move back to their former orbital causing the atom to become hydrogen or helium again then the vessel could generate its own fuel supply for pretty much all of eternity.

I am still looking for any articles relating to Diamagentic and Paramagnetic Atoms being able to be bonded together where the magnetic properties of the paramagentic atom when bonded with the diamagnetic atom would allow an externally applied magnetic field to create a electromagnetically attractive field between the ship and the paramagnetic parties, lol yeah were all having a party, particles, to allow the paramagnetic particles bonded to the diamagnetic particles, in this case being hydrogen or helium or both, to be collected into the maul of the collector and then used for the purposes of creating fuel.

Just as diamagnetic atoms are slightly repelled from a magnetic field, paramagnetic atoms are slightly attracted to a magnetic field.

I would think that such a facility would be rather large and making such a facility into a ship would not be resourcefully reasonable...but such facilities could exist along various trade routes for the purpose of conditioning the helium and hydrogen into fuel that would then be used to refuel a ship passing through the sector. we go. I did not know that hydrogen is diamagnetic and oxygen paramagnetic.

When these two atoms combine do we not have water in the long run? This means that diamagentic and paramagentic properties can be combined.

Attracting oxygen into a magnetic field.

Now if the process shown in the video is able to attract hydrogen or helium into the liquid oxygen magnetic field where hydrogen and helium is left behind  after the liquid oxygen 'burns' off, then large open mauls on the facility would be able to draw in the helium and hydrogen to be conditioned into fuel.


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Here is an article that discusses how interactions between paramagnetic and diamagentic molecules takes place.

If this process is able to be reproduced in space then paramagnetic molecules could based upon the article be interlinked where the paramagnetic particle having attractive magnetic values could be pulled into the maul of the collector.

The paramagnetic molecule would pull the diamagnetic molecule into the maul of the collector with it. Once in the maul and in the presence of the magnetic field that would repel the diamagentic molecule based upon its magnetic repulsive values the two molecules would be seperated where another field of like magnetic value would direct the diamagntic and paramagnetic molecule into a processing facility to be made into a liquid or compressed gas for use as fuel.

Another cool thing about this process is that oxygen and carbon are both paramagnetic molecules emitted by a White Dwarf Star. Both molecules are also necessary for steel production.

If the facility was placed near a White Dwarf Star it could collect the oxygen and carbon molecules with the some of the oxygen molecules being used to create breathable oxygen for space craft along with the oxygen and carbon molecules also being used in the production of steel products that would go into the manufacturing process involved with ship and facility manufacturing.

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