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When will season 5-7 be released?


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No official dates have been released yet. But we have Season 4 coming July 30th. And if you go to the Wikipedia page, it does list the target year for all the seasons. And they planned for Season 3, 4 and 5 for 2013 and Season 6 and 7 for 2014. Which is great cause they originally said it would take until 2015 to finish it all. I think the job of remastering the old shows either must not be as hard as they originally thought, OR they have become very skilled at it now. Because they are getting new blu-ray seasons out much faster than they originally stated. Season 1 of Enterprise came out in March, then Season 3 of TNG came out in April, and then within a week of season 3 coming out, Season 4 was announced for July. And now we also have Season 2 of Enterprise coming out in August. So I would estimate that we will probably see Season 5 of TNG and Season 3 of Enterprise out for a Christmas release of 2013. Most likely out anywhere between October and December this year. I definitely see Season 4 of Enterprise coming out between sesaon 6 and 7 of TNG. They haven't come right out and said it, but it has been strongly implied that assuming the TNG and ENT blu-rays continue to sell well, that DS9 is up next when TNG gets done. So now that they have successfully released 2 series together, I'm thinking the unnofficial goal is to complete ENT and TNG, and then release DS9 and Voyager together throughout 2014 and 2015. And I know there is a desire to make a TAS box set in blu-ray, which I would absolutely LOVE to see TAS in HD!

My hope is that by December 31st of 2015, we have the entire Star Trek universe in Blu-Ray.

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