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Hey you! Yea you! Ever wonder what It would be like to serve aboard a ship filled with cadets? Well now is your chance! Join us at the USS Hera, Bravo Fleets Task Force 72 Welcomes you to the USS Hera! 

Following the end of the Dominion war, Starfleet has been clamoring for officers and enlisted for years attempting to fill the now very depleted ranks within its ranks. In an attempt to increase recruitment rates, as well as get cadets through the ranks quicker, Starfleet came up with the idea for a mobile academy, one that could go to the planets to recruit new cadets, and give real world experience that they could never get in a classroom or even a holodeck.

For several years the idea sat in a databank somewhere with Starfleet Headquarters until finally in 2385 the idea was again discussed, and this time approved. Work quickly began on the Nebula class USS Bonchune at Utopia Planetia Fleet yards, where it would undergo an extensive refit cycle in preparation for it's new job as a mobile academy. After a full 2 years of refit, the Bonchune was ready for launch, not however without a new name first. Rechristened the USS Hera NCC-79010, in honour of the missing USS Hera, the newly refit and Modified Nebula set course for Deep Space 12 where she was to pick up her new Se::ior staff, and her first batch of cadets, eager to get real world experience to supplement their time at the Academy.

Open only to 3rd year cadets and above, the Hera offers a unique opportunity to the cadets who want to get more out of school than just book knowledge, but the practical knowledge of studying real anomalies, getting real diplomatic experience and so on. Cadets who spend time on the Hera will come away with a new perspective on life in Starfleet, and a real edge against the rest of their classmates.

Join Lieutenant Commander Enalia Telvan and her crew of fellow cadets as they travel the stars under the tutelage of the Hera's senior staff and her many experienced instructors, as they learn what it's really like to be in Starfleet and the many trials they will face during their time on the Hera.

This game is rated PG-13
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