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Comparing Khans


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Neeeoooo!  Khaaann!  ???

Star Trek Into Darkness


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the biggest dissapointment  i found with STID was the moment that Cumberbatch said he was Khan - i agree, he would have made an awesome original character, as perhaps another of Khans crew- (maybe i can hope that he was, and was just using khan's name for himself-buts thats unlikely) Now i quite liked the 2009 film, making the alternative reality was a good move in my opinion, so yep we've got set in motion different circumstances, therefore the different attitudes the characters have- i can live with that.  But what i find the hardest was the race change -not just skin colour, but physical statue, if these were supposed to be 'supermen' and genetic perfection, they need to look like it, i don't mean hulk-style bulging muscles, but more like a well proportioned athletic.


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Benedict is a great actor, but in no way Khan. Khan is a carismatic leader and of Indian origin. Khan Noonien Singh is in no way the name of a white guy. Also... why was he the only one with healing blood? Couldn't McCoy save Kirk with the blood of another frozen genetically engineered guy? I mean they had at least 72 of them laying around and Kirk was in suspended animation.


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The "rationale" for using khan's blood is that they knew for certain his blood had the correct healing properties (it did take like 20 minutes for bones to realize this... Anyway they should have kept cumberbatch's natural hair color and had him be Joachim.... That would have been cool to see...but him versus the Klingons is epic

Dammit Jim I'm a trekkie, not a doctor!


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I agree with those who say a Khan Noonien Singh with Mexican/Latin American characteristics is just as distant from the implied characterization as a British one, and for this reason, the casting simply is not an issue to me. The part was well played.

A user under the name dandel suggested in the comments beneath the article that they should have kept the name John Harrison and revealed him as a member of Khan's crew on a mission to reawaken his leader. They should have done this. It would have been much better. If just one of Khan's crew was this much trouble then how much more epic could Khan himself be written or remain unwritten but implied, in addition to the remaining 70?

From a psychological standpoint, old Khan was more direct, using brute force psychology to intimidate and acquire what was needed to satisfy his whim."Nu-Khan" is more cunning. Hands down. At times, he seems downright well meaning and not in the blatantly sarcastic way Khan would seem well meaning. Only when things get critical is the intense rage within revealed, such as on the bridge of USS Vengeance. With a bit of contemplation, one would see that almost every single comment stated, shot fired or punch thrown by Nu-Khan is stated fired and done with an ulterior motive. That's astonishing. With respect to this aspect of the characterization, I prefer the more cunning "Nu-Khan.

Original Khan is still revered and time honored. New Khan is enthusiasticly appreciated.

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