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Can the Borg adapt or protect themselves against plasma based weapons?


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I have heard that the Borg can't adapt to plasma since it is essentially matter but I doubt that this is correct. The reasoning was that since the Borg have been shown not to have adapted in hand-to-hand combat and be killed with machine guns, they must not be able to adapt to other kinetic weapons. The Borg have been shown to be able to adapt to photon torpedoes, which are matter based kinetic weapons, which invalidates the claim that they can’t adapt to plasma. I am wondering what other people think of the Borg adapting or not adapting to plasma. I would like to know if there are any examples where the Borg have adapted, or not adapted to plasma.


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It is possible as always the real determing factor is the raw power of the weapon as if the plasma weapon has more engergy then the borg ship can produce then adaptation doesn't matter the borg will still take damage.


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The Borg can use their awful gimmick to adapt to plasma weapons.

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I don't see why not, they adapt well enough to phasers which are also made of matter, you could even say that even phasers are kinetic weapons, as the beams are made up of atomic or subatomic particles moving at near light speed speeds. To be honest I generally dislike plasma weapons, they sound cool and have been used a lot in sci- fi, I know ST isn't exactly hard science fiction, but realistically they're little more than a futuristic flamethrower , i suppose akin to a ball of superhot 'gas', You know, the same stuff that the sun's made of, I'd stick with the shear impact power of a particle canon impact any day , but that's another matter and this is Star Trek after all


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I can't think of any particular example off the top of my head whether or not the Borg have adapted to plasma weapon, if i remember rightly a 'plasma phaser' was on the starfleet drawing boards to use as a potential defense against the borg.  Some ships have been able to survive in a star's corona-which is plasma, using metaphasic shields, so I should think that the Borg could do so too  Saying that, in the TNG ep The Descent, Lore's borg ship was destroyed by a solar flare. *shrugs* However solar flares are massive and can easily engulf a planet, let alone a ship. so size/power may be a factor.


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