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Anyone watching Scyfy's Defiance?


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Here's my impression, the production values are good, the acting decent, the stories are okay. The show reminds me of Terra Nova and DS9. I don't care much about the characters. The show has two hot actresses, Jaime Murray and Julie Benz. The most interesting characters are Irisa, played by Stephanie Leonidas, and Datak played by Tony Curran, both characters are jerks.


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I find the show lukewarm. I think Dark Skies is much better and has more going on.
Just that I find that there are large gaps of where not much is going in other then loads of boring drama, not much tech and what’s with the giant orangutan?  Could be so much better in potential. Just need some love as in substance instead they give us only the sizzle and not the steak.  Come on I want the whole steak.

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I don't get SyFy, but was able to watch the episodes online.


It's not great, but kind of reminds me of Mad Max combined with Terra Nova and a touch of Mos Eisley.


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I've been enjoying it so far.  I'd hoped that they would deal with the Sensoth and Liberata more than they have, but I guess that's what season two is for.  Maybe, we'll finally get to see a Gulani, as well.  To anyone who wants to respond, what is your theory about what caused the ships to explode resulting in ark falls?  My idea is that the ark brains figured that the only way for humans and Votans to understand each other was to be forced into a situation in which they had no choice.  So, they took matters into their own hands. 


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Giant Orangatan=Morn (DS9)=Chewbacca (Star Wars)

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