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Best BFF pairing

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>LOL I disagree about Keiko. I don't love her, but I don't think she was that bad


Oh she got me so mad everytime she was on screen.  Irrationally mad, lol.  I wanted to dump her out an airlock.  No wonder Miles was always at Quark's.



Really? I'm watching through DS9 now and I don't mind her


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I think Bashir and Garak were truly fascinated, one with the other. It goes without saying that Julian chose his "fun" with Miles, but the draw between him and Garak was one of the best things of DS9. Of all ST characters, I think Garak was the most exciting, imo. We saw him grow from a peripheral character into an antihero, into full-fledged likeability, but the way Andrew Robinson played the role always left you with that "don't-turn-your-back-quite-all-the-way" feeling about was absolutely delicious!


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Quote: willowtree @ Jun. 14 2013, 10:45 am

>Really? I'm watching through DS9 now and I don't mind her


LOL I don't know if it's any one thing but she just irks me.  

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Im on KahMarts side, Keiko was my worse character. . . .Miles was too good for her. . . .i was always hoping Keiko would get killed off & Miles could have his way with a Dabo Girl or One of his Underlings. . . . . . .Miles/Julian was a funny Bromance. . . . . . .I did enjoy Garak's Double Entandre of every sentence. 


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O'Brian/Bashir was an epic pairing, Jake/Nog was cute but not all that developmental...Sisko/Dax transcended death, so I'd have to say that's pretty epic. 

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Not even close....  you've got to go with OBrien and Bashir.... 

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