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Scariest episode of Star Trek (any series)


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Generally, Star Trek is a very nice, opitimistic version of the future, but every so often they throw in an uncharacteristically scary episode of Star Trek.  I think the scariest episode of Star Trek I ever saw was Schisms from The Next Generation.  Believe it or not, I was watching that episode the other day and it really freaked me out (alien abductions always seem to make me scared).  Doctor's Orders in the Enterprise was kind of scary too, but not as much as Schisms.  What episode do you think was the scariest?


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It depends on your definition of scary really. TNG did the creepy and errie episodes more than any other series did. Some fans say that Spock's Brain and Threshold are scary, but not in the same context as what you are asking. I would say that Night Terrors comes to mind, that was a pretty creepy episode. And Eye of The Beholder from TNG season 7. I found parts of Dark Page pretty scary as a kid. But these episode are more errie or creepy rather than scary.


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"Where No One Has Gone Before" gives me the willies!



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My vote goes for Q Who, and the Best of Both Worlds. Before FC and Voyager watered them down, the Borg were really frightening. Schisms was another one that frightened me. But all of this is affected by the fact I was very young when these episodes originally aired.


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Negeelim from Where Silence Has Lease freaked me out when I first saw that episode in TNG's second season. The Borg in Q Who? from TNG's second season also freaked me out.


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i'm not into scary i prefer psycolical drama this why i liked only few non Q eppisodes [the nth; is one of my favs] of TNG.


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Probably "Night Terrors". That scene where the corpses sat up was terrifying!

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"night terrors" was probably the scariest one that comes to mind right now.


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night terrors ... it was just the closest I saw to anything remotely terrifying in Trek!

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ST Voyager's Scorpion episode (I think) when Species 8472 first appeared. Kim, and Chekotay were exploring a strange bioship they found which belonged to this species. Lo and behold the pilot of the ship returned injuring Harry Kim. The species was very  large and very non-humanoid, and there was no way to communicate with him. Even the Borg was afraid of this species. To this day, I can still picture and hear Kim screaming when he was about to be attacked. Also whenever the Borg were featured in an episode was scary. The idea of being assimilated and that resistant was futile was frightening.


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Anytime an A-way team had to go exploring through a Borg Cube gave me the willies.


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Although I haven't seen many ST episodes the scariest I've seen would be Impulse from Enterprise, the one with the Zombie Vulcans. Not only did it have one of the first instances of Zombie survival in ST, one genre they never tacked before, but there was the ongoing tension and suspense about when T'Pol was going to succumb and attack them as well, forcing them to possibly kill her.


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TNG's episode "The Next Phase," in which Ro Laren and Geordi La Forge were like ghosts, was a bit like a Halloween show.  Many of various episodes were mysterious or intense, but I wouldn't call any of the Star Trek episodes in any series "scary."

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Definitely Season 3 Episode 5 the bonding involving the image of a recently dead mother coming back to kidnap her son. The first time she shows up is terrifying! 


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. . . surprised no one's mentioned "The Thaw," from Voyager.  I'd vote for that one for creepiest, though I'm one of those people who find all clowns at least vaguely unnerving.

As a kid, I found the original Star Trek scary, if not terrifying, on a regular basis.  That was one of the attractions of the show for me, as a kid.  But re-watching them now, it seems strange and silly that I would have ever found them scary.  Nevertheless, while I no longer find them scary, I still think episodes like "Dagger of the Mind" and "Wolf in the Fold" manage their tension very well, better than practically anything in TNG-era shows.  Even "The Man Trap," "Obsession" and "The Devil in the Dark" are far more tense (and thus interesting), in my opinion, than any of the equivalent monster shows from the later series.

To me there was a sense of danger and urgency in the settings and the pacing of the original show that none of the spin-offs quite captured.  Of course, the original Star Trek was the only show I watched as a kid, so that might have something to do with my opinion.

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