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Lwaxana Troi


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I am not going to look to see if this thread already exists.  I looked on the first page and it was not there, so I will just post here.  What did you think about Lwaxana Troi or the Lwaxana Troi episodes.  I have heard that a lot of people did not like her.  Personally, I thought she was hilarious and I loved all the Lwaxana Troi episodes.  Every time I saw she was going to be on, I was excited.  So, what are your thoughts on this topic?


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Majel Barrett is the 1st lady of Star Trek. Everytime she graced the screen in any episode it was a delight. May she Rest in Peace.

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Mrs. Roddenberry missed out on making
a serious contribution to STAR TREK.
Her "Number One," from THE CAGE, was
a worthy character. Everything after that
she played in her Husband's own TREK
series, was lame. Now, here comes TNG
and what does she do with it? Takes on
the typical TV trope of Annoying Mother!
It makes it hard to get into her, the
same way as even lesser characters.
I guess Majel wasn't all that talented ...


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I thought the character was lame and I tend to agree with 2takes' assessment.

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I thought she was okay. She certainly had the hots for Picard. :-)


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She was fun and a change of pace for TNG.  I loved the larger than life character and how she left the normally stuffy Picard flabbergasted.  And she gained some real depth in DS9 with Odo.


And shame on you for saying Majel wasn't talented.  Just because you dislike a character doesn't mean the actor isn't talented. It may have been a trope, but she played Lwaxana well.


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I agree with bunkey.   I loved Lwaxana Troi and every episode she was in.  I thought it was funny when she said outloud that Captain Picard had 'thoughts' about her.  She gave Deanna a back story that included family tales and not just her failed romance with Will Riker.  I loved how she treated Worf's son Alexander.   Sometimes you need a little humor to break up all the seriousness.  I loved Majel Roddenberry's portrayal.





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I thought that sometimes she was a little much but I had no general problems with her character.

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I thought her character was portrayed better in the books.  No reflection on Majel Barrett, but just the stories.  She was always a classy person in real life.

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I think her episodes are a riot.  They're a wonderful dose of uncomfortable awkwardness in a show that's relatively serious, otherwise.  I think it's disappointing that she didn't get more screen time!


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Yeah, I loved her episodes, especially the one with worf in in the mud bath, hahaha

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I love Lwaxana episodes!

And I'm so happy that I got to meet the lovely Majel before she passed


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I met her too. She was warm and sweet and I wanted her to adopt me! I still have her autograph it's personalized and says "Peace and Love Love Majel Barrett"

Lwaxana was great. I loved the idea of an older woman who's sexually active and attractive. She was in her 60s and back in the 80s, women in their 60s weren't viewed as sexual creatures but more along the lines of Golden Girls.


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We saw her only a few weeks before she passed. She had to leave early because she wasn't feeling well. When we found out she passed away we talked about how she must have REALLY not been feeling well that day but despite that still gave the fans what she could


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Awww. =( 

I saw her several times in NYC in the 80s and 90s. One time she was very distracted because Gene was ill. I overheard her talking to her escort that if the cell phone (in 1991!) in her bag rang to pull her off stage. But all the other times she was a delight. So warm. Everyone who met her over the years talked about how warm she was to fans.  She really cared about us as a collective. She she was gorgeous.


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