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New Star Trek TNG Movie


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I really want to see a new Star Trek Movie but with Picard, Data, Troi, Riker etc. I hope someone see this message and do something about it.

I love Star Trek The Next Generation


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I would like to see that too!!


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I would love to see them again, but not the same style of Star Trek movie we've gotten the past twelve times. NextGen just isn't good for action like that. I think maybe a made-for-TV movie or miniseries that focuses on the characters would be better than a summer blockbuster.

I will say that TNG deserved a much, much better sendoff than Nemesis.


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I don't know why but in my opinion TNG did not translate so well as a movie.   They changed Picard's personality too much.  Picard dancing?  Picard loving racing across the landscape with Data like he was in Fast and Furious/  Picard making faces about greeting Alien  Diplomats?   The movies did not have the caliber of the TV Series.  I love those characters but they were reduced to clowns in the movies.


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I think it could be done.All it is needed is the good, the bad and the battle between them.

TNG characters could do anything, they are the personification of goodness and kindness (one half of mankind). The bad (the other half of the mankind) could be easily invented.

How the battle is implemented in the movie is the producer's job.



(please excuse my poor english, I am romanian).

I love Star Trek The Next Generation


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@lynny - Picard was lighter in the movies, but that trend had already started in the series.  I think that over the years he had been getting closer to his crew so he was becoming more open with them. 


I would love to see the TNG crew in another show or movie.


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All of the characters in the TNG movies
were played differently. Picard is much
"lighter," as has been said. Deanna loses
her STAR TREK accent in favor of her British
one. Data's emotional. LaForge without his visor.
Riker becomes a 1-woman man. Beverly isn't as smirky.
Non of which was bad, but the movies were definitely
not going to let established character traits get in
the way of story-telling, or giving its actors a break.


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I know all of the actors (except for Brent Spiner) are up for reprising their characters

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