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Any one watching 'Hannibal'?


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I've been watching episodes on Hulu. Its basically a prequel to the Hannibal Lecter trilogy. Its pretty well written, although pretty dark, it has an MA (mature audiences) rating, for a network tv series. I'm surprised a network like NBC is putting it out versus a cable channel like Showtime known for dark shows like Dexter. The series seems to be pretty closely based on the 2002 film, Red Dragon. I've only found a few inconsistencies. 1. Freddie Lowndes is cast as a woman in the TV series, though the character was played by a man (Phillip Seymour Hoffman) in the film, and Freddie Lowndes' death in the film is called by Lecter, Will Graham's first kill. In the TV series, Will Graham has been given another first kill which Lecter was present at, the killing of Garrett Jacob Hobbs. This makes Lecter's comment in the film unintelligible. I don't know how closely the 2002 film versus the TV series is in sticking to the source material, Thomas Harris's novels, since I haven't read them.


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I want to, but I haven't gotten around to it. I've heard a few people say quite positive things about it.


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I haven't watched it, but I've heard a lot of praise.  I'm still coming off the suckfest that was Hannibal Rising, so I'm taking my sweet time before even going near the show.

"Sincerely, I.M. Fletcher. PS Have a nice day."


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Yes, Trenchcoat,

I dislike Hannibal rising as well. To me, it doesn't explain Lecter. Fortunately, the show isn't really based on it. It goes off of 'Red Dragon' moreso.


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'Hannibal' is good, I'm watching it. I too am surprised by all the gore they present on network Tv. I've had to remind myself not to eat while watching. I don't mind the casting choice for Freddy Lounds, having a woman in the role gives the character a modern feel. Blog/website instead of a newspaper, man/woman it doesn't matter as long as the character is sleazy, besides Freddy is gonna die anyways. 

I like the casting of Will Graham. Ed Norton just didn't do it for me. Hugh Dancy seems like he's taking a cue from William Peterson's portrayal in the '86 version (Manhunter). A little quiet and aloof, but not so disconnected that the audience doesn't want or can't identify with his thought process. 

Here's my problem, I giggle everytime Scott Thompson has a bit of dialogue. I've never seem him outside of a comedic production. I keep expecting him to go into full "Buddy Cole" mode while surveying a murder.


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Love the show.


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Hugh Darcy is simply amazing, possibly the best Will Graham we've seen. His version is definately closer to William Petersen's portrayal than Ed Norton's modest and irreverant take on the character. From the physical look of the character, to the pill popping, and incessant questioning of the serial killer's motives. But his version is more tortured, unstable, vulnerable, and temptable.  

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