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The year is 2371.  The Bajoran colony of Pelek IV had suffered greatly under Cardassian occupation.  In just a few decades of occupation, Cardassian strip mining and resource extraction operations had polluted over 90% of the planet’s fresh water and triggered massive climate change.  In 2351, Bajoran resistance elements on Pelek launched the Peldor Uprising.  In quelling the uprising, the Cardassian occupation forces massacred thousands of civilians and deported almost the entire Bajoran population.  However, the martyrdom of the rebels on Pelek and the viciousness of the Cardassian response was not forgotten, and acted as a catalyst for increased resistance activity on other worlds, including Bajor itself.

In 2369, the occupation finally ended, and Cardassian forces withdrew from Pelek IV.  As part of the Federation’s overtures towards Bajor to encourage them to seek Federation membership, they launched Operation Return, a joint Federation-Bajoran initiative to repair the ecological damage and rebuild the Bajoran colony.  Federation terraformers and colonists joined the families of many of those Bajorans who were driven out or killed in the 2350s to rebuild the colony.

As part of this program, Starfleet began construction of Starbase Unity, a large space station in the Pelek system.  Starbase Unity is a large base, which serves as the main transportation hub for the sector, and assists with the defense needs of the planet.  While it is a Federation starbase, crewed by Starfleet officers, it is within Bajoran space.

As Starbase Unity nears completion, the situation could not be more tenuous.  A cold war with the Dominion threatens to heat up.  The Maquis, led by former Starfleet officer Cal Hudson, are still a political and military force, and have raided several freighters to support their rebellion.  Political instability on Bajor threatens the entire colonial project – and the Starfleet presence in the Pelek system.  Many Cardassian political and military leaders are still rankled by the return of Pelek to Bajor, and have been eyeing it with the goal of re-annexation.

With the station nearly complete, a new crew arrives on Starbase Unity, wondering what adventures fate has in store for them…


Star Trek: Unity is a brand new independent play-by-forum RPG.  It is set on Starbase Unity, a Federation starbase in a little corner of space where Federation, Bajoran and Cardassian space meet, in the lead-up to the Dominion War.

We've got a good crew here (although the simm is new, most of the crew are experienced simmers), and we're always looking for new recruits.  We've still got plenty of department head, junior officer, and civilian positions available.

Check us out!

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