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Quote: crellmoset @ Jun. 08 2013, 4:07 pm

>Kirk commands the Defiant? He's even trickier than was previously believed. I still think that Picard has him beat by being the Captain of the Romulan flagship for 2 years before anyone noticed.

typo, ment Kira



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Quote: kunzkeith @ Jun. 08 2013, 5:16 pm

>Worf requested from both Sisko and Kira to move into The Defiant as "Battle Commander" Worfs reasons 'to matain readyness in case of an attack. request was denighed. from TOS Star Base commanders are given the courtsy title of 'Commadore' to avoid confusions with Star Ship 'Captains' .

you are either jokeing or just wrong.

Worf requested to "live" on the defient because he could not adapt to living on the station.

in tos, some bases were commanded by Commadors...........but so were some ships, or have you forgotton Decker?



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Thank you stovokor2000-A, I thought I had forgotten something, or that an episode was missing, because I didn't remember that at all!!!


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I knew it was a typo, but I found it amusing anyway.

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Worf's was the strategic officer of DS9, he was the first officer of the Defiant. They are two entirely different commands that happen to share much of the same staff because the Defiant is permanently based at DS9. It's relatively simple logic you don't have to twist yourself into a pretzel to understand. Kira sat in the big chair from time to time, so did Jadzia, so did Harry freaking Kim on Voyager.

But I will agree that the entire senior staff of DS9 running off with the Defiant all the time was rather silly. The Defiant needed a permanent staff, but I would guess it did not because Sisko had to pull strings just to get it out to DS9. On the whole it's best not to think about it too hard because Star Trek writers have never been very good at understanding military command structure. (Take ST09 for example).


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Quote: crellmoset @ Jun. 06 2013, 8:40 pm

>As you'll recall Odo did not play the part of slavemaster for any Cardassians. He investigated things which were officially against the law and tried to determine to the best of his ability who the actual guilty party was. The scene that displayed his interaction with Dukat concerning this job even cast Dukat in a positive light as Dukat told Odo that his superiors would be happy if he lined up and shot a dozen random Bajorans for the crimes committed on the station but he would rather not do that.


Time for somebody to go back and watch Things Past "Further down the Promenade, they see the execution, with Odo wearing Thrax's uniform looking dispassionately. A horrified Odo admits that he — not Thrax — allowed the innocent Bajorans to die.  He admitted that he cared more about the rule of law than justice!"

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Quote: crellmoset @ Jun. 06 2013, 8:19 pm

>Odo is not an ex-terrorist. He has a relatively impeccable record. Kira is a known and unapologetic ex-terrorist who routinely takes out her inability to regulate her aggression on others through verbal abuse. Though the Bajorans are a pretty miserable people individuals were presented throughout the series that demonstrated a much more civilized demeanor. Surely a better candidate than Kira could be found without too much effort.


So, in your opinion, you can't trust anyone who decided to fight for his freedom and showing emotion is a sign for psychic instability?

1.) You should stop to make generalizations: The Bajorans are...what? Kira also learned not to make generalizations about the Cardassians. Remember 'Duet', 'Ties of Blood and Water'?

2.) Kira had her reasons for doing what she did and it is mentioned more than once during the series that she regretted some of the things she did. If the Bajorans had had a nonviolent solution to get rid of the Cardassians they probably would have taken it.
In your opinion no revolution, no development would be really possible, because there's always the risk that you have to fight for what you believe. Otherwise there would have been no French Revolution... and no dictator would have ever been overthrown.

3.) Kira is left in command of DS9 more than once, so it is very unlikely that nobody trusted her. You also should allow persons to develop. Kira in season 7 is not the same Kira as in season 1. And we just don't have perfect characters. Sisko also fought and killed people. Whether in a war to save Earth or in a underground movement that fights for freedom doesn't really matter. And Worf and all the Klingons who consider killing not really negative would be the most amoral beings in the universe. 

4.) Starfleet was there to help the Bajorans and to help them run their space station, not the other way round.

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