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Do you think the Trek movies will be remastered?


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I was watching TSFS the other night and noticed how dated the ships monitors and screen displays looked. After liking TOS remastered episodes I really wish they would do the same for the movies especially 1-6. Thoughts?


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I certainly wouldn't be opposed to it, but I think the effects in the movies are good enough to be immersive, unlike many of them in the TOS episodes.

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I hope so. I watched V this week. (Final Frontier) and to be honest, it looked rough. TOS looks terrific after the re mastering.


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I'd like remastered versions as long as they don't pull a Lucas and bury the theatrical releases.  I bought the original Star Wars remastered trilogy DVDs in 04 and all the movies had two discs, the remastered and the original. From what I understand they aren't around anymore and the versions I have go for $$$ on eBay.  It's nice to have them both because I sometimes I feel like seeing Jabba in Episode IV. sometimes I don't LOL. 

I'd like to have a choice of which one I can watch if I buy the set. I do own the original TOS movies on DVD so it's not really an issue for me but I think that, especially for first time buyers, having a choice is optimal.


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i wouldn't say no, though definitly have the option to watch both as on the blueray editions, some of the space views of the planets in the movies- though not awlful, could do with it. yeah esp the final fronier, and it'll be good to see the genesis planet in all its creation glory 


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I also feel that as long as the changes have an organic flow, then it's fine.  The TOS remasters were kind of jolting if you ask me, because some of them, like the close ups on the helm or the shot of an andriods inner workings were mismatched to the rest of the effects.  There were times when I watched remastered TOS and was startled by the "new" technology. It just seemed jagged. There's a limit to how many current visual effects you can out into a 50 year old TV show without it being weird.  It would be like digitally inserting a plasma TV into a Honeymooners episode to replace the Nortons tube TV.

The TNG remasters were beautiful though, more seamless.


I also think it's not a matter of IF they remaster the movies, but WHEN.


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I don't care if they do or not. I wasn't particularly impressed by the TOS remasters and the movies don't look overly dated.


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I thought that the movies had been remastered with the blu-ray versions? Have they still not been remastered? I thought they looked pretty good in blu-ray. I guess maybe it was just an oversight on my part.

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