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Why is Next Generation getting a re-release on Dvd?


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I can understand a first release on Blu-ray, but why again on Dvd? Is CBS just trying to capitalize on the release of Star Trek Into Darkness? I already own the box sets, what's new on this one besides the cool silouhette cover art?


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CBS has a cash cow. They're milking it.


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If the DVDs are anything like the Blu-Rays, they have been restored frame-by-frame with some added special effects re-shots - hence the re-release.

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I've heard that the new release is completely idential the original dvds with the exception of the cover art...


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I don't think it's a case of double dipping so much as re-releasing.  Movies get artwork updates every now and again with updated box art.  Actually the re-releases appear to be cheaper than the originals. Reviews say they have the same content, so it's probably to entice new Trekkies. They're the original broadcast versions as far as I've read.

It's really no big deal as long as they have all the same extras.  I was really mad when they finally re-released Xena but the DVDs had none of the extras that the first release did.


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STAR TREK: The Next Generation
deserves the cleanest, best
presentation that the latest
technologies can offer. I'm
all for that! My preference,
however, is that the content
not be altered with brand new
drop-ins and re-do's. TNG works
perfectly, just the way it's been ...

This show truly, DEEPLY satisfies!!!


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Quote: Holo @ Jun. 03 2013, 1:18 pm


>CBS has a cash cow. They're milking it.



Exactly. CBS can reintroduce the series and it cost them very little. They bought "The Franchise". Though JJ Trek has made it clear- TNG bad! Too thinky!

Jesus owes me gas money.


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Honestly, as someone who already owns the next generation on dvd, its still excititng to see this series released on dvd for people who do not already own it. the release is to celebrate the 25th anniversarry of the next generation. i honestly dont like the new cases though the design art is nice, but the plastic looks flimsy. around christmas there were a lot of pez sets on the shelves that were really nice and my boyfriend gotr me at christmas


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I'm a crazy completist so I already have TNG on DVD in the single seasons and the complete series box set. I like that these new releases are slimmer than the originals. I think they're great for fans who haven't yet made the leap to blu-ray.

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