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I have heard a lot of criticism about Scotty's friend Keenser since the first movie came out. Many fans dislike him, but I really enjoy the addition. The worst thing about the cancellation of the second 2009 toy line was that we never got a Keenser figure, and I was thrilled to see him being part of the Kre-O blind bag set. How do you feel about the little guy?


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Abrams' Jawa-like gremlin serves no purpose except comic relief whenever Scotty decides to abuse him. At least, make him an intelligent useful member of the crew, instead of Scotty's pet/child/slave who warms his tush on the warp core. Either that or lock him into a cargo bay, then open the airlock.


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I didn't even know he had a name

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That was actually one part of the movie that I liked


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He has his moments.

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I like Keenser! LOL

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I like him for the light mystery that surrounds him. Who is he? Why does he never speak? Is he an actual member of Starfleet loyal specifically to Scotty for unknown reasons or something else? Does he enjoy Scotty's atypical fashion sense?

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Get doon! Seriously it is weird that Scotty has a dino buddy. Does the scotty character come with kung-fu grip too in the 2 pack?

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Keenser did speak in ST09, he said one word,"me". His backstory is told in one of the IDW comics.

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