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USS de Ruyter


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The year is 2391 and the USS de Ruyter has been in the docks of Mars for the better part of nine months, manned by hundreds of engineers working round the clock to get the ship back in fighting shape. The crew is slowly returning from their well-deserved leave; some have moved to new positions and other destinations, some return for another tour of duty; but non expected a new Commanding Officer. 


Commander Sasha Harper has taken command, but not voluntarily; she is tasked with the search, and possible rescue, of the de Ruyter’s previous CO: Captain Chiellon Nerevaryn – a highly decorated Starfleet Officer who has gone missing in the Gamma Quadrant. In this first episode, the USS de Ruyter sails for Deep Space Nine and the Bajoran Wormhole, leading deep in to the heart of the Gamma Quadrant in an attempt to retrace Captain Nerevaryn’s steps.  


Welcome to the U.S.S. de Ruyter. 

The U.S.S. de Ruyter is a proud member of Obsidian Fleet and Task Force 72.

This is a Play by E-Mail Roleplaying game, using Anodyne Production's NOVA 2. 





Positions Open: 

Executive Officer 

Chief Security/Tactical Officer 

Chief Flight Control 

Chief Science

Chief Ops 

Chief Engineering 

Chief Medical 

Chief Counselor 

Chiel Diplomatic Officer

*All Junior Positions* 



LT. Alexandra Udinov 

Chief Intel/Strat Ops Officer

USS de Ruyter 

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