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Star Trek Comics


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Report this Jun. 01 2013, 8:09 pm

There isn't a recent thread going here about comics (that I could find), so I thought I'd open up a fresh discussion on the topic.

I've just started to get into IDW's line of ongoing Star Trek comics.  I really enjoyed the Countdown to Darkness prequel.  I read it after the first time I saw the film, and when I went to see it a second time, I had to smile at the way they weaved the plot of the prequel into the movie a bit.  It was pretty neat.  What did everyone else think?

I also started picking up the ongoing series (#21, currently), and am looking forward to that.

Can anyone recommend one of IDW's older series as a good story to pick up?


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Report this Jun. 06 2013, 3:49 am

I really enjoyed "Star Trek: The Last Generation." It's an alternate reality story, sort of a Star Trek meets X Men's Days of Future Past. The first Countdown miniseries is a great addition to the Trek Universite.

Have you read any of the DC comics? Peter David's run on Star Trek is excellent. IDW was re-released some of those stories in their Archives collections- volume 1 contains Peter David's best stories, and volume 5 (The trial of Captain Kirk) is my favorite Star Trek comic ever.


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I'll definitely check out The Last Generation.  It sounds promising!

I just finished reading issues 19-20 of the Ongoing series.  I was really surprised at how much I liked the "origin" stories for Chekov, Sulu, and Scotty.  I always assumed there wasn't much to tell for each of their stories, but they did a good job fleshing the characters out.  I especially enjoyed the appearance of Red Squad in issue #20.  It was a wonderful tip of the hat to DS9 fans, and its depiction was spot-on.  Great stuff.

I have issue #21 on order, and I'm hopefully getting it early next week.  After Darkness promises to be quite interesting, I think.

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