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Space amoeba


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I'm curious (possibly for a Trek inspired story) if there is any scientifically justifiable theories that might explain the existence of a moon sized organism living in the vacuum of space that:

1) has a gelatinous like consistency, similar to the large amoeba in The Immunity Syndrome
2) absorbes everything it engulfs (again, similar to the entity from the TOS episode mentioned above)
3) is actually a vessel for many organisms within, an intelligent non-humanoid civilization that could possibly be communicated with if the transporter could reconstruct transported organisms into other forms of life.

It seems far fetched, but not outside the realm of TOS especially with so many similarities to something that was done. I am just interested to hear better explanations than they had in the 60s.



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Since space has relatively little oxygen, a space creature would need to breathe something else, instead, or be able to not breathe at all.  (Or, be able to hold its breath for quite a long time!)

It would also have to manage to maintain an equilibrium pressure between its internal structure and its exterior environment.

So far as we know, no such organism currently exists.

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I would suggest that such an organism would be located near White Dwarf Stars that emit carbon and oxygen.

The heat generated by the White Dwarf would create the necessary release of energy needed within the cells of the amoeba to be used as energy.

The type of amoeba that you are referring to would most likely be very few in number because as each amoeba spawned new amoeba the oldest amoeba would have grown intelligent enough to know that it would need to create its own food source, that food source being its own amoeba spawn that the oldest amoeba would then feed on and grow.

Just imagine if the same space born amoeba found  a close by rocky planet with small deposits of water on it.

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