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Report this May. 31 2013, 6:30 am

Just curious what's most people's plans for what they wanna do for this weekends convention. There's so much going, so many of the stars to try & meet it's a bit overwhelming, but totally worth it! Unfortunately I'm not able to do or see certain things for an upcoming move so I have to budget, but I think what I got planned will be fun enough. Here's my list:

Can only attend Saturday: Seeing Michael Dorn & Marina Sirtis on stage
Have to pass up DS9 collectibles panel in favor for Sir Patrick Stewart photo op
Try & get Michael & Marina to sign something
Watch & be apart of costume contest
Watch Nana Visitor's panel & see Rene & Ethan Philips theatre performance
Maybe listen in on Gates panel
Definately seeing Sir Patrick Stewart's panel ( who wouldn't? LOL )
*Sure hope the morning photo op is available same day?*
Finally attending the evening TNG reunion event! :)
Maybe drop in to see what happens during Kareokee party before making drive
back to Milwaukee.

Sounds like a nicely mapped out plan for me. Let's see what others think & their plans. All great fun & I hope to maybe meet some new people and hang out with one of the best genre fan groups in the world! Live Long & Prosper!!! :)

Captain CW

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Report this Jun. 01 2013, 7:11 am

Sounds like you've got a great plan!  This will be my wife and I's first convention also.  However, all the tickets were sold out for the regular convention so we were just able to get Red Shirt seating for the TNG reunion.  I know the website says we're guaranteed a seat, but we're going to arrive a few hours early to get in line to try and get an ok seat.  Anyone have these tickets or have these tickets before know how they work?

Sounds like you've got a full day though!  Good luck to you with the autograph from Michael and Marina!

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