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Women in roles of Government Leadership

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Created by: dryson


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When is America going to see these firsts:?


Only through equality in our leadership as a United America can America remain safe from terrorism where ever such terrorism may raise its ugly head.

We know that the terrorists in the Middle East despise women being in power and making decisions. By emplacing women in places of power and direction here in the U.S. women in the Middle East and the rest of the world will see that America is vested in equality thus giving us an edge over the terrorists as women rise up to breach the inequality that is present in the Middle East.

Something for the younger generations to be inspired by and work towards.

Sound the trumpets.

You had better get your asses up that hill girls!


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I would like to see the first pioneer to do something cool be a woman.

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Maybe first woman stepping onto the Moon shoul have also have been added to the selection as well.


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I would not have any qualms about following a female leader in politics or war.  But, women tend to view things differently than men, and they react to situations differently than men.  Neither way may be better, but they are different.

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