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Klingon Marriage Rituals


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I always though Klingons got it right whereas we get it wrong.

Klingon marriages require ceremony, are not taken lightly.  Cleary it's not designed for quickie marriages.

Their divorce, however is quick, painless and free.

Real marriage should be like that. Divorces can take years. If marriage were as complicated and time consuming as divorce, I bet we'd have fewer of the latter. 



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I thought marriage was already like that.

At least it is for me and the people I know. My marriage was something taken very seriously, IMO it's a serious lifetime commitment, not something to rush into.

I don't really think the number of divorcs have anyting to do with the process of wedding or divorce. Some elaborate weddings take years to plan. Personally I think most divorces happen because the people were wrong for each other, or that there was unwilliness to fully share ones life with another. But that's a whole other subject


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Do Klingon marriages really require that much ceremony? I know Jadzia and Worf's wedding had a lot of pomp to it, but after Worf hooked up with K'Ehlyr, it was implied they could be wed by reciting a simple oath.


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I'm not sure if the oath was a marriage or an engagement.  I get the impression that casual sex is not a Klingon thing, so a sexual encounter means engagement of sorts.  At least that's what I thought of the oath.


Willowtree: I'm sure that some people do take it very seriously, but my point was imagine if marriage was as hard as divorce, not the planning of a wedding (which many consider a lot of fun) but the actual act of marrying two people.  Imagine if it took years of negotiations through lawyers, legal documents must be drawn up and signed and required multiple court dates.  

And a divorce was as easy as a Vegas wedding.

That's the impression I got from Klingons.  

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