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Phasers vs Disruptors

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Here's what I think the diffreence is:


Phasers shoot a continuous beam of an exotic form of matter called Phased Matter. This beam can be precisely controlled to cause varying levels of damage.


Disruptors are incapable of being set to different damage levels, and just fire at whatever the maximum power level is for the given design of disruptor. Also disruptors don't used Phased Matter. They either use a different type of exotic matter, or they use plasma, or even just a pulse of intense ordinary light (like a pulsed Nd:YAG laser, or pulsed ruby laser).


One obvious difference is that disruptors usually don't fire a continuous beam, but rather a single pulse pulse. Also the color associated with a phaser is usually orange or yellow, but with a disruptor it is usually green.


Another interesting thing to note is that a disruptor usually kills for a direct hit to the chest, but can simply cause a burn injury if hits elsewhere (as can be seen in some episodes of some of the various Star Trek series), much like a real bullet. So basically it is an energy bullet. In some cases it can vaporize its target, but usually it doesn't inflict such massive damage.


A phaser though seems to be able to seletively effect living tissue (at the "stun" or "kill" settings, which apply only to living beings), or on other settings it can completely heat or vaporize the intended target whether or not  said target is made of made of living matter (at settings/powerlevels not named for effects to living beings, such as the "thermal" and "explosive thermal" settings). And when the beam is set for "stun" or "kill" (named after effects on living tissue) it WILL inflict those effects if a living being is struck by the beam, REGARDLESS of where it hits (unlike a disruptor who's effect depends on how close to vital organs it hits). If you get hit on your pinky finger with a phaser set on stun, you WILL be rendered unconcious. It seems that the particles of Phased Matter that are used in phaser technology can somehow detect the "life energy" in living tissue, and then inflict the damage just to the living tissue. The more power that it is set to, the more damage will be inflicted to the target. When it is set to vaporize, the living target will vaporize in a dramatic flash of yellow phaser-colored glow, but there will be NOT EVEN A BURN MARK on the floor they were standing on! So the particles of Phased Matter seem to indeed be given a certain energy level and "effect type" based on phaser settings, and then if it hits a living target it keeps the effect ONLY on that living target, and avoids effecting all adjacent matter. I think it even avoids spreading from one being made of living tissue to another, like in a hostage situation it seems a phaser can take out the captor, but cause no damage to the victim, even if the victim was being held by the captor when said captor was shot. So these particles can even recognize 2 destinct separate life forms, and only cause damage to the life form they first come in contact with, without spreading to the adjacent life form, even if that adjacent life form is in direct contect with the targeted life form. I think I've seen this phenominon once in an episode somewhere. Of course a phaser can also be used on nonliving matter, but in that case you have to aim at exactly what you want to effect and the point where you want the effect applied, because the particles only spread out and inflict their effect within living matter, but are like a normal laser beam to all non-living matter.


So with a phaser they seem to be "smart" particles, behaving almost like nano-bots within the intended target if the target is a living being, spreading out within that living being and inflicting the given effect to that living being, and ONLY THAT PARTICULAR living being that was hit by the beam. Whereas the matter or energy of a disruptor blast are "dumb", and inflict damage at just the site of impact. So if you get hit in the chest or head, you're as good as dead, but hit anywhere else and you'll likely live (and even a chest wound from a disruptor can be survivable in some cases if IMMEDIATELY treated by medical personell, as has happened in some episodes of star trek).


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To me, it always seemed like disruptors were more like a bolt of lightning, rather than a smooth, continuous phaser beam.  Hence, the name "disruptor" seems appropriate.

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It's also been implied in books and TSFS that Klingon distriptors are an agonizing form of death.  The way that gunner died when Kruge shot him didn't look pleasant.

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