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Everyone seems to hate this episode, but I think it's pretty much pure fun and one of the best of season 1 of TNG. I don't agree with a lot of the criticisms you here of how irrational it is. The main crew got genuinely suspicious at the exact time where it made sense for them to; Wesley turned out to be right, but he initially took quite a leap in logic, which isn't out of character for a 14 year old. I've also heard people say that the crystal lifeform was tacked on, but sometimes I'd prefer that to the excessive exposition in later TNG episodes. Mostly, Spiner is just gloriously over the top and entertaining in the dual role. I watched it today for the first time in a while, so that's why it's on my mind.


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I thought the first half was terrific, but the "evil twin" bit was a let-down. I'm still not clear on how you can program an android to have emotions, or how Lore could turn out the way he was. His motivation for all the evil stuff he does was always vague -- or maybe I just don't remember too well. 


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I felt it was one of the first TNG episodes to actually have steam.  I liked the character of Lore every time he appeared, and the first time was no different.

I would have loved to have the fight between the two brought out a tad more, but all the same I loved that first season episode.  It's one of the few I would intentionally go see as a stand alone.


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Brent Spiner is cool. I like him.
I just do not care at all for the
EVIL TWIN, soap-opera-ish, typical
television trope that is Lor. He
and his facial-twitch nonsense ...
it was so cartoonish, actually.
But Brent was surprisingly very
"threatening" in the final cargo bay
sequence. Someone was going to
get shot, for sure, Wes or somebody.

captain saavik

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I agree with twotakes here this episode is one of my least favorite for it soap opera tendencies.


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I think Lore always worked well as an allegorical doppelganger for Data - a kind of nightmare reflection of what Data wants (emotions, to be human) since he always uses was Data aspires to for evil. It's Star Trek's Cain & Able story, except Able wins.

So I'm with the OP: "Datalore" is one of the few highlights of Season 1 for me - probably my #2 favorite after "Encounter at Farpoint." It particularly has a very well-flowing, atmospheric, tension-filled story; it's a well-filmed episode.

Really the only problem with the episode, much like many episodes in the first season of TNG, is that it decided to follow the formula of Wesley Crusher overcoming the stupidity of the adult crew and saving the day. Really, once was enough.... and that was one too many.

So, five-card stud, nothing wild. And the sky's the limit....

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