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New Star Trek Youtube series-- Help needed!


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Report this May. 29 2013, 6:26 pm

Hi all! I'm starting a new youtube series called the Federation News Network, The basic premise is that we're running a news show set within Star Trek canon, probably around the TNG/DS9/VOY era. We're still in a very preliminary stage, but we need all of the talent we can! Right now we have a few different things we're looking for, from video/SFX editing to writing and acting and there will certainly be more in the future! 

If you're interested in helping out, join this livejournal community (all posts are locked to members only but people will be approved for membership without question; LJ accounts are free) and comment on the post you're interested in or just come help us brainstorm! There will be skype decision making sessions happening soon as well. See yall there!

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