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This is a very interesting thread to read. Hearing  new viewpoints of the classic Star Trek series is very intriguing. I have also started to rewatch that seriew. 


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Quote: Captain_Khan @ May. 30 2013, 1:16 pm

>Not too sure about the dodgy moral of this story (it's the last of its kind! Don`t kill it, lads!).

yeah, to be honest, i always found the crew esp Kirk to be almost 'bloodthirsty' esp in the first season in some of the episodes, but do get a their comeuppance at such thinking, (Arena , Errand of Mercy') As the series progressed, and by season three, they seem to have mellowed a little towards a better attitude and respect towards alien lifeforms.  Spock on several occassions is always the first to speak out for that respect, bless him.




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Sorry for the delay – I’ve been away. I’ve watched another 10 episodes, so thought it was time for an update!


Last episode I watched was ‘Court Martial’, and I really did enjoy it – although yet another ep focusing on just how great Kirk is wasn’t exactly necessary! I think I would have preferred it if it was Bones who was the one having to defend his actions, as then you’d get some neat scenes where you see what Kirk and Spock think of their Doctor...


I was also tickled by ‘Squire of Gothos’, though that may be because I am familiar with the Futurama episode that is based on it.


‘Shore leave’ gave me a bizarre feeling of Deja Vu. I’m a LARPer and at Christmas we always have a ‘fun’ weekend where the story deviates from the usual and odd things start to happen – at our last event, things based on various literature appeared. We got face to face with a white rabbit, knights, princesses, wild animals... I have to wonder if the GM is a TOS fan now...


‘Galileo Seven’ and ‘The Menagerie’ fight for my favourite out of the last 10, however. I know most Spock-heavy eps seem to get a rave review from me, and both of them feature our pointy-eared friend a great deal. Seeing him take command of the 7 (and the tension that caused) was awesome, and I especially liked the distrust between him and Bones. ‘The Menagerie’ played with the slightly unnerving side of Spock’s character - I watched those two eps in bed and accidentally woke my partner up by squirming with joy at the ending.


I have to confess that Vulcans are not my favourite race any more. My initial introduction to Romulans was through the 2009 movie, and I wasn’t that fussed by them, but seeing them in ‘Balance of Terror’ with their awesome bird of prey ships and archaic command structure has made me realise my true calling.


I noticed ‘Space Seed’ is on the next disc, and since I’m a ID!Khan fanatic, I’m getting excited already.


I attended LFCC in London last weekend, and met a lot of serious Trekkies. I especially enjoyed meeting the guys from USS Iceni, a fan club based in the London/Essex area. Hopefully when I’ve built up my credentials a bit more I’ll get in touch with them. I also entered a Star Trek tombola and won a prize from the Manchester fan club. It was a book about TOS fanfiction (with a lot of focus on Kirk and Spock going where no man has gone before together....). Hmm.


I’m going away again shortly and hopefully will be able to marathon another load of eps in the journey time, so I will report back afterwards! Thought you may have to wait a while before I write a review of that book...



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If you like the new Khan you will notice the difference between cumbernatch and the original. Me personally wasnt a fan of the new film for many reasons but it's great that the new films have managed to get you into star trek. maybe after TOS you can watch TNG DS9 Voy and ENT and gives us your views on them .


Since your only on Season 1 you will find some good episodes but I believe personally the best are yet to come in season 2


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Watched the whole first season (and I'm a few episodes into the second!). I'll post an update as soon as I get the chance detailing what I thought, and what I'm hoping lies ahead for me...!


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I just watched "Space Seed" a bunch to help make this:


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Sorry for the delay! Just thought I'd give you a quick update.

I'm getting on with the second season, though so far my favourite has been the first episode, Amok Time. It's such an iconic ep - my partner pointed out the background music to their fight is the Decapodian national anthem from Futurama, and then suddenly all the references in Why Must I Be a Crustacean in Love? made so much more sense!

I'm still a little concerned about the morals of the crew - they still seem quite willing to interfere with the development of alien races (notably in The Apple where Kirk and the gang decide to kill the stone snake God thing simply because they don't particularly like what it does to the people on the planet). This series also seems to want to play with the idea of what exactly paradise is - The Apple, Who Mourns for Adonais? and I, Mudd have all toyed with the idea of giving the crew exactly what they want (and normally deciding that having everything isn't so great after all).

I was dreading another Mudd episode - I wasn't really a big fan of his from the first series, finding Mudd's Women a bit cringeworthy. However, since he was more of an incidental character and the crew were more of a focus, I actually liked that one quite a lot.

Mirror Mirror is of course my second favourite so far. Interesting that the Trekkers found something that is actually pretty morally objectionable, but decided that in this instance they'd leave it well alone and get the heck out of there!

I'll watch a few more then give you an update!


I just watched "Space Seed" a bunch to help make this:


Ahah, nice! I feel this will mean a lot more to me once I've seen the movies, but I'm going to send it to the friend who lent me the TOS discs. I'm sure she'll give it the appriciation it deserves! 




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New favourite episode alert! Just watched Menagerie Part 1, and since I'm trying to stick to watching one episode a day on weekdays, I haven't yet watched part 2.

But damn that was good! Spock showing off his Vulcan badassery, Kirk for once not being in control of his crew, the creepy, creey scene where Pike is repeatedly bleeping 'no' over and over while Spock is ordering McCoy around....


I think the best thing is that I genuinely don't know what is going to happen. I always try to guess the outcome of two-parters in any series, but this was so out of the blue I'm stumped.


I only hope part 2 lives up to the expectations part 1 has given me...



I recently watched The Menagerie and it blew my mind, so I know exactly how you feel.

I'm also a new Trekkie (and it was the new movies that got me started) and I'm currently working my way through TOS, TNG, ENT and the movies.

"Course heading, Captain?" "Second star to the right. And straight on 'til morning."


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I have never posted anything in my computer career so this is a real first for me.  I have been a Star Trek fan since the 1970's.  I have lived and breathed the Original Series.  I relished each movie produced and basked in the glory of the Next Generation.  I struggled through the first couple of seasons of Deep Space Nine, and plotted along with Voyager.  I revisted the past and delighted in Star Trek Enteprise and always enjoyed the animated series.  The new Star Trek movies won and lost some, but overall I did enjoy this new avenue we are heading.  I am a Star Trek Nerd and I am proud. To each of you out there, Live Long and Prosper and continue keeping alive this unique and grand adventure that is the Star Trek universe.

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