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Adapt a Crew


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If you had to pick a crew from all the characters of the various series and have it work well without being able to give them their original jobs what would your crew look like? I'll start.

Captain: O'brien

First Officer: Bashir or Troi (must wear a real uniform)

Science: Data

Chief Medical Officer: Spock

Counselor: Phlox

Security Chief: Janeway

Chief Engineer: Kirk

Ops: Uhura

Helm: Worf

Transporter Chief: Chokotay

Cook: Sisko

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Ok, I'm going to anwer this question two ways.  FIRST, the crew that could step into their new roles easily and competently, with little or no on-the-job training.

Captain: Scotty

First Officer/XO: Tom

Science: Janeway

Helm: Picard

Ops: Geordi

Tactical: Chakotay

Security: T'Pol

Chief Engineer: Harry Kim

Transport Chief: Seven of Nine

Chief Medical Officer: Kes

Counselor/Morale: Trip

Arponics: Sulu

SECOND (and I think more interesting), the crew that would have a very rough time of it at first but would ultimately tap into hidden talents.

Captain: B'Elanna

First Officer/XO: Seven of Nine

Science: Bones

Helm: Kes

Ops: Quark

Tactical: Spock

Security: Neelix

Chief Engineer: Uhura

Transport Chief: Reed

Chief Medical Officer: Tom

Counselor/Morale: Kirk

Cook: Tuvok

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Captain: Jadzia Dax

First Officer: Data

Counselor: Guinan

Ops: Uhura

Tactical: B'Elanna

Security: Kira

Medical: Spock


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First Officer-Data





Ops- Tuvok or T'Pol. A Vulcan seems perfect for the tedious ops job.

Doctor- I could go with Nurse Chapel or Kes, but that would almost be cheating since they were both nurses but not doctors. So I'll go with Tom Paris


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Captain- McCoy

First Officer- Bashir

Medical Officer- Jadzia

Science- Wesley

Security- Beverly

Engineer- Picard

Transporter Chief- Worf

Counsler- Guinan

Helm- Sisko


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Captain- Jadzia

XO- McCoy

Engineering- Riker

Helm- Bashir

Security- The Doctor

Ops- Geordi

Science- Picard

Medical- Data

Transporter chief- Paris

Counselor- Quark


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Captain: Chakotay

First Officer: Ohura

Chief of Security: Kirk

Chief Medical Officer: Kes

Pilot: Harry Kim

Science Officer: Troi

Chief Engineer: Tom Paris

Transporter Chief: Wesley Crusher

Counselor: Bashir

Ops: O'Brien

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