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Can't Believe How Good TNG Is...


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No disrespect to Roddenbury and his vision but I think TNG succeeded despite him and not because of him. He did set the foundation, but it Was Rick Berman, Michael Piller, Jeri Taylor, Brannon Braga, etc... that made TNG what it was.


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Where is your ZEAL for TNG, people?!?!
Those of you who feel BLESSED with
the best damn STAR TREK series ever made ...
to have and to hold, til death do we part!!!
Thanks so much, Gene & Rick ... I LOVE IT!!!


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I'm getting my 11 y/o daughter into TNG now, and she loves it. We started with all of S3 and are now on S4. I think we're up to Future Imperfect or therabouts. Her favorite character is Riker, with Data a close second.

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Quote: willowtree @ Jun. 13 2013, 5:33 am


>TNG is probably what TOS would have been if they had the technolgy and the budget

>But I think that the TNG characters are a little dull, they're always perfect, always do the right thing



I agree about the charectors not being very flawed.

But for me it's the ideals that resonate.
I turn to DS9 for the shades of grey after the black and white hats of my beloved Next Generation.

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I don't need TNG characters hating on eachother
to be entertained. Gene Roddenberry did alright ...

Since the Industrial Revolution, both science
and technology have evolved at a very much
faster clip than the Human Race can. In the
STAR TREK universe, however, it looks like
all people everywhere have finally caught up.
Partially, it's an attempt to put the show further
in the future, but also represents what all of us
strive for, anyway, which is to improve ourselves.

... I like that!


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What I loved most about this series was patrick stewart. He was the age a captain would be by the time he finally made it up the ladder, and at his side, a very ambitious second officer who found he like being second in command rather than have his own command. I feel as though every episode was well thought out ant that instead of individual eposides there was a bit of background story that continued throughout the series, for example, the story of wesley crusher, we not only got to see him grow up, but we also got to see him go inot starfleet academy and then find that starfleet was not what was best for him after all


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I liked it at the start, and managed to enjoy the rest, but somehow I still see it as politically correct and goody-two shoes. In contrast, TOS was in several ways controversial.

I suppose nothing could have been done, as the political milieux in which both were shown are different from each other.


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