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USS Intrepid Sim


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The USS Intrepid is an Independent sim, which means we have no fleet to govern our way of life  


The USS Intrepid is set in the around year 2370. We are in the middle of the dominion war. The Intrepid will be apart of the 11th fleet, although we are an independent sim we will act like the Sim is apart of a fleet. We will be patrolling the Cardassian neutral zone but we will also be engaging in battle. We will NOT follow how the end of the war is in Star Trek Deep Space Nine. It will depend on our own actions. 


Mission 1:  We will start at Deep Space Nine where we will receive our orders. Betized has been captured by the Dominion and we need to take it back. We are the Fleet Flagship. We expect nothing less then a fight to the death. 


SEEKING: Executive Officer and Chief Security/Tactical 


Open Positions:


-**Execurive Officer**

-Chief Flight Control Officer

-Strategic Ops Officer

-**Chief Security/Tactical**

-Chief Ops Officer

-Chief Engineer

-Chief Science Officer

-Chief Medical Officer

-Chief Counselor

-Chief intel officer

-Chief Diplomatic Officer

-Marine CO

-Starfighter Leader


*All Junior and Enlisted Positions*



Our Site:


Admiral Sebastian Rodriguez


Commanding Officer/11th Fleet CO


USS Intrepid 


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