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He wasnt really Khan!!!


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You know all the hubub about how Khan looks different in the new movie? Well there is one simple explanation: the character we saw in "Into Darkness" wasnt really Khan! Who was he? This guy: 

Notice the similarity of appearance between that picture and Benedict Cumberbatch? 

So here is what happens: section 31 find the Botany Bay, and awakens Joachim(but has no idea what his name really is). He asks them where he is and what is going on, and they explain it is 300 years since he was frozen and that they are looking for Khan. Now remember, this guy is a devious super-intelligent bad guy. What does he say? Simple: He tells them HE is Khan!

So there you have it! Problem solved =/\=


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Ah. The "I'm Spartacus" maneouvre.

Actually kind of weird, there is a closer resemblance between Joachim and Benedict Cumberbatch than either has to Khan. Well spotted.

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I thought this going into the movie and thought the guy in the torpedo (Bones got his arm stuck in) looked more like Khan.


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If by some insane reason they did that, it would be the most epic amount of retroactive ass covering in Hollywood history, even beating out Dallas' "It Was All A Dream"


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Or ...

Section 31 surgically altered him so people wouldn't recognize him as Khan. And the accent came from living in London.

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Maybe he got tired of having a Mexican accent and decided to try on a British accent for a while.

Maybe he went to the same school that taught Jean Luc Picard how to speak with a British accent as a Frenchman.

Maybe it doesn't matter.


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Maybe Section 31 genetically engineered him further to suit their own needs.


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Because institutionalized racism in Hollywood doesn't matter.


Right then.



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Quote: fireproof78 @ May. 27 2013, 10:52 pm

"Maybe Section 31 genetically engineered him further to suit their own needs."


Section 31 can do close to near anything!


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You know people are out-of-balance on this whole issue when they are so miffed that they stoop to accusing the creative team of racism.

People (Blockman, etc) were right and I was wrong: engaging on these topics is a complete waste and only feeds the 1-2 people driving the problem.


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I suppose the dozens of blogs and articles are all made up by the same one or two people?


So first you think the "minority" will take away Star Trek from you. Now you think that the 1 or 2 people control sites like IO9, Jezebel, Racebending, dozens of Tumblrs and Blogspots.

We, you must think we're Q's

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You're desperate bunkey. REALLY desperate.

You've spent almost every single one of your posts since joining the board being combattive and acting like a general a-hole to people all in the name of playing the White Knight for "real Star Trek" and crusading against the new films.

It's all been done. In fact, it was done much better and more aggressively in 2009. There were 5 or 6 of you on this board as opposed to now...well...just you. 

You can justify any bad behavior or borderline-spamming by playing the victim and crying "oppression" at every turn someone calls you out for being over the top.

What I've come to realize is that none of it matters. Yes, you ARE in the minority. And no amount of over-the-top behavior is going to change the course the franchise is on. In fact, I think your behavior (and those like you) only assures me that things are going well, and that the franchise is better off parting company with people like you.

So actually, it's quite refreshing.


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Oh look, Thought Police is in effect.

Borderline spamming? I guess that's what you call active participation in topics on the board these day, eh? If replying to many topics is spamming, then well hot damn, a spammer I am!

And once again you have turned your distaste for my opinion into a personal attack, and you're counting my posts again. I'm surprised you're not tracking what I respond to as usual. Do you want my Foursquare account as well?

I've not been an a-hole.  I have been generally polite, if somewhat snarky, to most posters.  You, however, have followed me around this board and made personal insults in an attempt to shut me up because you don't like my posts. 

Over the top? Shall I just be quiet and stop posting because you don't like what I have to say? I don't think that's going to happen.

The more you attack me the more I lsee how much what I have to say genuinely bothers you.  Because I make valid arguments and all you can do is comment on what you think of my "behavior".


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  must every. single. thread. on this board be about one poster and  their troll agenda?  lets move on and just discuss what we like and ignore the rest

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Troll agenda????


disliking the movie and being just as vocal about it as those who liked the movie doesn't make someone a troll

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