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Should Star Trek: Voyager be remastered?


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Should Star Trek: Voyager be rematered?


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YES!!!! Everything needs to get remastered! I am so addicted to HD Star Trek now that I can't even go back to my old dvds anymore. And it sucks cause DS9 and Voyager are my 2 favorite series and I always have to wait the longest for those. CBS Digital has already come out and said they are willing to do DS9 assuming the TNG blu-rays continue to support it. TNG Season 4 comes out July 30th and Season 5 is supposed to be out sometime in 2013 though there hasn't been an official release date yet. Season 6 and 7 are set for 2014. So in 2014, we should have all 4 seasons of Enterprise out, and all 7 of TNG. My HOPE is that DS9 and Voyager will begin coming out at the same time throughout 2014 and possibly 2015 if needed. We also need the Animated Series. I want EVERYTHING. I am a total Star Trek junkie if you can't

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