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Cracked names James Doohan their #1 Celebrity Badass Soldier.


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Excellent article, bunkey!  Did you know that he took a shot right in the heart, but it was deflected by the cigarette case his brother had given him just a week before?  True!  Mr. Doohan was an awesome man!


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Yes I did.  I read his bio a few times. He was truly a remarkable man.


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Apparently the scene in "A Taste of Armageddon" where Scotty disobeys an order from Ambassador Fox actually happened when Doohan was in the army. According to Memory Alpha: "As a lieutenant in the Royal Canadian Artillery, James Doohan was threatened with court martial for real for saying "No sir, I will not," to a visiting colonel when he realized a training exercise order would entail blowing the heads off some of his own men." 

Roddenberry could also have gone on that list, since he was a bomber pilot in the war.

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