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Star Trek 2009 and Into Darkness

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I didn't like Star Trek 2009 at first and I wasn't sure whether I wanted to see "Into Darkness" at all, but it was a positive surprise. It was not just some other action film, but it was Star Trek again. And now I can even watch Star Trek 2009 without getting annoyed all the time because I know it gets better. Though I am still angry with them for destroying that whole wonderful timeline and most of the time pretend it didn't happen (which works quite well, because it's Star Trek, it didn't happen)

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Into Darkness gets a slight edge. Major props to JJ Abrams for revitalizing the franchise


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Quote: KelisThePoet @ Jun. 05 2013, 2:14 pm

Quote: Vger23 @ Jun. 04 2013, 7:49 am


>I think the thing fans can help themselves by remembering or imagining is that the movies are really depictions of the most frantic and action-oriented adventures that the crew has. Obviously there are other adventures that happen in between that are more based on exploration and scientific discovery...but the movies depict the more grand-scale adventures.

What did you think of the Nibiru stuff at the beginning of Into Darkness?  I thought it did a good job of suggesting what you are suggesting, that the movie characters are engaged in a variety of activities including those closer to traditional Star Trek exploration, but we don't see it all.  I felt like the opening of Into Darkness on Nibiru could have worked as the conclusion to a Star Trek television episode and could imagine what kind of episode it would be, but for the purposes of a movie, I think the writers were wise not to focus on something like Nibiru, but just use a bit of it to frame and set up a more cinematic adventure--best of both worlds, for me.

im with you 100%. I thought it was a great little sequence that gave the impression that the ship was out on exploration and discovery missions. 


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