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The funniest Star Trek movie


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i think it it the Voyage home


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TVH was funny because it took the cast out of their usual surroundings without taking them too far from character, which was a problem I had with the humor of TFF.   The fish out of water plot was handled nicely by the writers and Nimoy. It was aided by Spock's amnesia, of course. One of my favorite scenes is when Gillian asks if they like Italian and they can't get their lie straight.


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The Voyage Home by far. The camping opening in The Final Frontier was great, but the rest of the humor was just really cheesy.


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I liked First Contact. All that stuff with Ephrain Cochrane was funny. Deana getting pissed etc.

I larfed anyway.


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TVH...maybe some stuff in TFF


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TVH, FC and ID all provided some good laughs.  It made the characters more "human".


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I have never understood the love for voyage home.  To me it's just always been a ridiculous movie.  The humour was verging on slapstick.  Maybe to make up for the lame plot.  


I really think these last two movies come closest to capturing the humour in tos.  Something that was missing in later series. 

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'hello computer... Hello Computer' 'Use the mouse' 'Ah, Hello computer'  I will say that to my computer if it is taking too long to do something.


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I think most of them had their funny moments. But I think TVH is the obvious answer, as the only film that was "funny" over-all and did not really get too dark or serious.

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I think lots of them have funn moments. The Voyage Home as others mentioned, First Contact with drunk Deana, and I always thought the scene in the holodeck when Picard is shooting the Borg is funny especially when Lilly stops him "I think you got him"


and I love the humor in Generations, the Data parts are funny. Who doesn't love Data shouting "oh shit" as they're about to crash


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I think the new movie has a lot of funny moments. I'll go with STID.


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Star Trek Into Darkness probably made me laugh the most - due to Pine's frequent quips and Simon Pegg being the hilarious actor that he is. The plot was pretty dark but Abrams & co. did a great job balancing it with a lot of humor at the right times.

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I think it's fairly straight-forward that TVH is the absolute funniest and most effective with its use of humor.

So, the others would be (in order from best to worst- which is hard to do because "volume" of humor doesn't necessarily equate to quality)

1. STID (great mix of light-heartedness to break tension and action)

2. TSFS (LOVE the whole "Stealing the Enterprise" montage with "up your shaft" and "don't call me Tiny")

3. FC (Assimilate this, Drunk Deanna, Cochrane is funny, etc)

4. TFF (some is too slapstick...but other stuff is pretty genuinely funny)

5. 2009 (see TFF)

6. NEM (wedding stuff was funny..."I'll be in the gym"...not much after that)


Movies that didn't make the list:

TWOK (a few "tongue in cheek" moments...but no real humor)

TMP (same as TWOK)

TUC (same as TWOK)

INS (horrible, slapstick, goofy stuff. Like TFF except without the good nuggets)

GEN (see INS)

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