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Next Star Trek series?


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Report this May. 22 2013, 11:05 pm

I would like to see a new series with the Odyssey-class Enterprise-F from the online game or even skip to the YouTube D.J. Curtis Eclipse-class Enterprise-"Golf".  I don't know if there's a developed backstory for the "Foxtrot" iteration, so excuse my using my own imagination here. I would see other ideas that people might have and your casting choices.

Main casting -

Angela Bassett as the Human Captain, though I wouldn't mind seeing a non-human captain. You could make her a Trill or Betazoid I suppose.

Jason Statham as the Andorian First Officer.

Justin Long as the Benzite Science Officer.

Brian Uhrlacher as the Human Security Chief.

Keenan Thompson as the Denobulan Chief Medical Officer.

Michelle Rodriguez as the Bolian Chief Engineer.

Mayim Balik as the Bajoran Counselor.

Mindy Kaling as the Deltan Helm Officer.

Gary Bell as the Vulcan Operations Officer.







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