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The future of Star Trek on Blu-Ray


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Report this May. 22 2013, 10:07 pm

I am one extremely happy fan with all the new Star Trek Blu-Rays. I have been so impressed with the new sets, because the dvd sets, after TNG anyway, were extremely cheap and lazy. Cheap cases, cheap discs, lazy disc menus, no commentaries or deleted scenes until Enterprise, and with Enterprise it was still lazy. It was mostly text commentaries on Enterprise. The Voyager dvds, while I absolutely love the series, the dvds are horrid. Blank discs with white lettering printed on them. They look like I made them personally....and don't even get me started on the TOS dvd remastered. That REALLY looks like I made them. If it looks like I made them than that's bad


That being said I absolutely love the blu ray sets. The cases are wonderful, the discs seem more sturdy, and the new features are fantastic! New commentaries and new interviews as well as a good bit of the old ones. The Okuda's and everyone else who has worked on the Trek blu-ray project has really put alot of work into these sets and I feel like it's absolutely worth the price. Especially since the dvds used to be 100 bucks per season back in the day.

I am theorizing that Enterprise Season 2 will be out shortly after TNG Season 4. Then I think we will see TNG Season 5 and I hope Enterprise Season 3 either this Fall or Winter/Christmas season. I'm thinking we'll see Enterprise Season 4 and TNG Season 6 and 7 in the spring of 2014. I am hoping after that, that DS9 and Voyager begin coming out at the same time like ENT and TNG are right now. Then throw in an Animated Series blu-ray set at any point and I'll be set.

But what I would truely love and I with as much work as they are putting into these blu-rays, I would like to see some form of special box set in blu-ray. An Ultimate Star Trek Collection in blu-ray. Not just everything already released in a bundle like they did with the dvds, but an entirely new, special box set that has everything. I guess the Abrams films could be left out since they are still in production, and those tend to be kept separate anyway.


But a box set with every series and all original 10 motion pictures. Maybe a special booklet showing the timeline of Star Trek. And give some general info for all the series, and then maybe a way of watching everything chronologically for us OCD fans.


I know it would be without a doubt very expensive, but I think something like this would be well worth it. But only something that could be done once everything has been released in the individual seasons.

I could see it going on anywhere from $799.99 to $999.99 for the box set. And yeah that's alot of money, but it would be quite a bargain if you really think about it, and think of how much money we as fans spend every year on Trek stuff anyway. Think 1,000 bucks to own the entire original Trek chronology in one special HD box set? Between the actual episodes and films and bonus stuff, that would be well over 1 full month worth of material. It would be pretty incredible.

Thoughts? Opinions? Hopes of your own?


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While I like the idea of a whole universe box set, I think the reality of such a set would be pretty harsh.  

First off, there isn't really any other show that compares in scope, but the few that have several hundred episodes crammed into one set have been done really poorly.  Discs are usually put in cardboard sleeves that hold multiples, and those are terrible for maintaining the quality of the disc over time.  

Secondly, there would be a massive number of discs, making it a quality and logistical nightmare.  Imagine starting to watch the show chronologically, as you suggest, and it turns out you have a bad VOY disc.  Well, you're not going to figure that out until months (years?) after you purchase the set, and the manufacturer would be hard pressed to keep that much inventory on hand.  Besides which, it would be ridiculously heavy.  

Lastly, if the set includes anything unique content-wise, you risk alienating the people that have been loyal purchasers all along.  A few extra bonus materials is not worth $1000, and the target audience for this is likely to have already purchased all the individual sets.  The smaller percentage that haven't will likely be intimidated by the large price-tag, and you end up having a really small audience for a mega-set like this.  

I agree that it can be fun to speculate on what a massive ST all-in-one set would look like, but I think the way they've been doing it until now has been great.  In fact, I'm kind of glad that the latest iteration of Enterprise on BD doesn't have any store-exclusive bonus discs like were offered in previous years.  Those are a pain to track down, let me tell you!


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Report this May. 23 2013, 9:39 am

Yeah, you make some very good points. Honestly I was thinking if they have did make a set like that, I would go and sell my individual sets to raise money to go towards it.

I really like the LOST box set in blu ray. It's very impressive, and quite massive, and I pictured something like that in a big Trek set. I think something like that would work well on a massive set.

But you really made a point I can't debate at all. About the tons of discs, and what you if end up with only one single bad disc, and how long it would take for you to figure all that out. I mean personally, I usually pull all my discs out and just make sure they look okay from the get go, but most people probably don't do that.

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