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Into Darkness and Back


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This is the piece I wrote for I know a lot of the people here are furious with Into Darkness and that's fine. My response to it has more to do with my emotional connection to my late mother and our experiences watching Star Trek.


This isn't so much a review as it is an unleashing of everything going through my mind after viewing the film. It's a bit personal but I tried to lighten things up a tad. Even forced in a few redlettermedia references.

I've chosen to post it here because the article took a lot out of me and I would like to share it with others who might be kindly enough to read it. Maybe there are others who had similar reactions. And this seems like the perfect place to find out.


Anyway, I hope you read, and I hope you find a way to relate. If not, that's cool. Thanks for yout time.

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Well done man.


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lovely.  Thank you for sharing. 


I was crying in wierd places too.     At one point I was crying just because I was sharing something with my sons that had meant so much to me as a child.

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This is really great! I got a little choked up reading it. There IS something I can relate to here. My grandmother had a big heart and I have fond memories of enjoying the old movies and TNG with her. I can see how the family theme (at least) of this movie could stir those feelings in others.


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Awesome review.  Thank you for sharing something deeply personal, and it was well told.

I can relate somewhat.  Growing up (a child of 1980) my father took my brother and I to most of the Star Trek movies from V onward.  The ones we missed (I, II, III, IV) he rented with us.  He watched TNG with us throughout its entire run.

Yesterday I went with him and my two boys to see the new movie.  Everyone loved it. 

I was keenly aware of the fact throughout the viewing that events like that won't be around forever.  Unless a bus or some other tragedy hits me first there will come a day when my Dad can no longer join us.  If Star Trek endures, there will come a day when I can no longer join my boys. 

Those moments mean something and I appreciate Star Trek as the vehicle that has helped forge so many important connections for my family and others.

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