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Looking for a Fleet


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Hi I am looking for a roleplaying fleet.   If anyone present still roleplays, could I get your help in finding a ship to roleplay on.  thanks


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Did you find a ship yet?
What position are you after?
What type of ship are you looking to serving on?

We are always after new players on the USS Leviathan.
The Leviathan is a Defiant class ship set in the post DS9 timeline.

We follow the history set by the post series novel re-launch which involves the Typhon pact.
If you would like to learn more, check us out at
We just finished the new site refit and are currently getting all of our current crew to re-create their characters, but we have about 6 players.


Our open chief positions are chief helm/ops officer, chief Intel officer and possibly chief diplomat and chief engineer.


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Hello there,


Not sure if you are still looking or not but the USS Blackwater could always do with some more crew. I have set a advert on here that you can take a look at if you want, the link is


Alternatively you can go straight to our website at 

In brief though, I am looking for Chief Science Officer, Chief Operations Officer and Chief Intelligence Officer. Of course, all Junior Officer and Enlisted spots are free to take as well. Please take a look at the site, I would really appreciate your support.


All the best



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Hi this is Gerald Reinhart, I am the Chief of Fleet Personnel at the Independence Fleet. The independence fleet is looking for members, if you would like to join us, we would be estatic to have you. We have many ships and many possitions open. From Medical to command, and everything inbetween, all divisions are open. As well, we have many ships, and everything you can imagine. Send me a email at so that we can connect.


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If you're interested in a starbase, there is Star Trek Unity, which is a newly launched simm set in the lead-up to the Dominion War:


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Hi there,

We're looking for new players over on the USS Wellington, part of Alpha Fleet. I've got lots of positions available in pretty much every department. if you want to check it out

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