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New Stark Trek

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I'm not much of a Star Trek fan (I do like it however), but I'm wondering what you guys thought of it. I did see a few other Star Trek movies and episodes, but not much. I saw another post saying how crazy it was that Kirk was in charge of the Enterprise at such an early age, but I don't see it that way. Alexander the Great was a general at age 20 (I think); so a man with exceptional talents, outside the box thinking, and a genious father I don't see it as hard to believe.


I do understand that some people are saying that the movie didn't have a moral, but I see all movies have a moral and that these movies sent off a different moral than what the Star Trek fans are used to seeing.


What are your opinions?


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I agree, they do have themes and moreals. The only difference is that they are presented more indirectly, as opposed to Captain Kirk or Captain Picard directlysaying "this is right" or "this is wrong", then rolling the credits. But in Into Darkness, we have to decide: was Kirk right to save the Nibirans from that volcano? Was saving Spock's life worth exposing the Enterprise to them? It's up to the viewers, and they have to choose an answer for themselves.

I think they are a great addition to the franchise.

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I love it hope it stays around for a long time

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I don't dislike the new movies, but I don't view them in the same esteem as the original movies. This NuTrek is fun and entertaining enough, but five to ten years down the line they will probably be utterly forgotten and irrelevant - just like pretty much all movies released these days.

Also, they are very much a 2010s view of the future, they just don't have the timelessness of the orignals. The first JJ movie practically screamed 2009 - especially the Earth scenes. The Harve Benett movies at least attempted to look like the future.


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I'm enjoying the new movies a lot. Into Darkness especially I thought was a great Trek movie. I wouldn't put them at the top of my movie rankings (STID would be #4, ST (2009) #6), but they are really entertaining films.


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I think it helps keep Star trek alive. Keeping in mind that this is not the same james T. kirk is not the same one from the original series, I think they are great

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I am enjoying them.


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I love the new ones, personally.  While they did change a few points of the timeline (and character backgrounds), I agree with Leonard Nimoy that the important thing is that they do the characters justice.  Plenty could say they don't, but I don't feel that way.  Their lives were changed courtesy of the events in 2009, so a few things about each character is different, but as long as at their core they're still James Kirk, Spock, etc. I can overlook it.

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Perhaps with these new Star Trek movies there are a touch too violent, with gloom and doom. That's as with many modern films. Could also be straying too much from Gene Roddenberry's theme of an optimistic view of the future. That's like with the destruction of the Vulcan homeworld. 

That new TOS film series would take some getting into for me, who's been a Star Trek fan since the early 1970s. That's with the much more advanced original Enterprise, different actors portraying those characters, a somewhat different timeline, etc. Their past is probably more like our time. Oh well, I am getting into it.

It seems like it might as well have a separate category here, called something like 'Re-imagined Original Series'. (That can be as in film series, not TV series.) 


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I love both equally. Probably the new ones slightly more in some ways, but the old ones in others. Im a lifelong fan of trek, and still loved the new ones. Though I must say that Into Darkness reminded me a bit to much of the Wrath of Khan. 


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I am enjoying the new movies too. I did not think I would and had alot of reservations about them. But they are really good and really entertaining. I  at first didn't like a whole new crew of actors replacing the familiar ones that I loved so much. And I didn't like them changing the Star Trek storyline as if the original story was being erased. They did come up with a creative way to get around that. I also think that good morals are being represented but just not quite as obvious,perhaps. Also the new movies contain the message of hope the promise of new adventures. So I have since come around to liking the movies and have watched both of the new movies several times.


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I have enjoyed the new films as well. I have gripes and complaints but they're minor things. DS9 started a trend where they started moving the Federation into having cannons instead of beam weaponry and it's continued here. Urban does a very good McCoy but sometimes he seems to "tight" somehow. Kelly's McCoy was a bit more slack. The new transporter special effects are very nice and all but I've always preferred the TOS transporter look over the others including TNG, DS9 and Voyager. Stuff like that.

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